Minted 2015 Holiday Challenge Winners Visit San Francisco

When we asked the top three winners of Minted’s 2015 Holiday Challenge about the favorite part of their prize-winning trip to San Francisco, they shared similar sentiments about instant connection. “Being an independent designer can sometimes be a little lonely,” explained first-place winner Karly Depew. “So getting to be with Kristie [Kern] and Phrosné [Ras] and meeting the people who work hard at Minted to make our designs come to life was inspiring and invigorating.”

The 2015 holiday challenge winners outside Minted’s San Francisco office, from left: Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma; Phrosné Ras; Kristie Kern. “The trip was a whirlwind!” Kristie said. “The Minted team kept us on the go from the time we hit the ground, which was absolutely perfect for me. It was my first trip to San Francisco, and I wanted to take in as much as possible. The experience was a great combination of sightseeing, celebration, and opportunities to learn more about Minted.”    

The winning designs of The Most Wonderful Time 2015 Holiday Card Challenge, from left: “Embellished” by Karly Depew of Oscar & Emma; “Amazing Frame” by Phrosné Ras; “Sparkling Frame” by Kristie Kern.

After spending nearly three days with Karly, Phrosné, and Kristie, exploring the city’s restaurants and sites—including breakfast with CEO Mariam Naficy at The Battery—it’s an understatement to say that we at Minted learned a lot from the artists. We really got to know them and enjoyed hearing about everything from their families to the fact that they’re all self-taught designers to their tongue-in-cheek fears about earthquakes and “what if foil goes out of style?”

When we asked if the artists had any “a-ha!” moments after visiting the Minted office and meeting the other artists, Phrosné talked about feeling inspired to experience “the brain behind the brand.” “Minted employees are constantly working on new and exciting things,” she said. “I was also reminded that the three of us shared an uncertainty about our work and a desire to improve. We share and recognize in each other a healthy insecurity about our work, which I believe is a powerful thing, because you’ll never become complacent.”

We hope you enjoy our photo album of the trip.

The Minted design team gave the artists a friendly welcome in Oakland, California.

After drinks at Top of the Mark, the Artist Relations Team and the artists enjoyed dinner at The Big 4. Left side of table from front to back: Community Content Senior Manager Amy Schroeder; Artist Relations Manager Christina Loff; Kristie Kern; Phrosné Ras. Right side of the table from front to back: Artist Relations Specialist Kaitlyn McCoy; Artist Relations Manager Easter Kim; External Relations VP Brady Wood; Karly Depew. At one point, Phrosne joked, “Why do you ask us so many questions about our Minted experience?” We smiled and said the community’s feedback informs everything we do.

We oohed an ahhed over the pottery at Heath Ceramics.

James Tucker of Aesthetic Union gives the group a tour of his letterpress studio and talked about the history of letterpress.

“I loved seeing both the iconic sites of SF, as well as some hidden gems,” said Kristie, pictured above left. “My favorite part of the trip was having the chance to hang out with two of my favorite Minted designers, Karly and Phrosné. It was so much fun to laugh, share and bond.”

What’s a trip to San Francisco without seeing the Painted Ladies (below) and Lombard Street (above), the world’s most crooked road?

The ladies arrive at Minted Local, the first Minted retail store, located at 222 Grant Avenue. They were excited to experience the store and attend a Minted meetup there with their fellow Minted artists. “So nice to chat with many of the designers whose work I admire,” said Kristie Kern. “The Minted pop-up shop is dreamy beyond belief!”

Fellow Minted artists from around the Bay Area and beyond traveled to meet with the holiday winners during a meetup at Minted Local. From left: Erin Deegan, Sarah Curry, Debb Wilson of Debb W, and Kaydi Bishop.

Karly, Phrosné, and Kristie give the Minted Local photo booth a whirl.

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Published June 30, 2016

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