DIY: Playful Pineapple Crown

By Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

When I saw these mini pineapples at the dollar store, I knew they’d be the perfect addition to a tropical party this summer. The pineapple trend is still going strong, so why not fully embrace it and make this playful pink crown? It’s perfect for the guest of honor at a birthday party, bridal shower, or bachelorette party and you could even use other plastic fruits to make more tropical crowns for guests!

DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep

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DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep

• Plastic pineapple toys (similar to these)
• Pipe cleaners
• Paintbrush
• Paint
• Floral tape
• Ribbon
• Hot glue gun

DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep


1. Paint the plastic pineapples and let dry completely.

2. Twist two pipe cleaners together. Repeat with another two pipe cleaners, and then connect both of those together by twisting the ends to form a double-long, double-thick twisted pipe cleaner. Use white floral tape to wrap around the pipe cleaner.

3. At the two ends, form little loops and wrap more floral tape to secure, as shown.

4. Cut two lengths of ribbon about 20″ long and thread into each loop and hot glue in place.

5. Cut short pieces of ribbon and use to hot glue the pineapples over the pipe cleaner crown. Since you never directly glue the pineapple onto the crown, the ribbon loops let you slide and adjust the pineapple placement, which can be tricky to get perfect on the first try.

6. Repeat for the remaining pineapples, and use more hot glue to secure in place if desired.

DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep DIY Pineapple Crown | Julep

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