Minted Artists Connect at National Stationery Show 2016

Just as Minted has come a long way since the company’s humble beginnings in 2007, NSS has evolved to become more than merely the country’s largest paper-goods trade show. It’s also an annual meeting place for the Minted community to connect, share ideas, and get inspired for the year ahead. Here’s a photo recap of the whirlwind that is NSS—from the vendor floor at Javits Center to the community cocktail party, CMYK Artist brunch, and the conversations in between.

Lower left: Mary-Kevin Stuart, Minted’s Senior Merchandise Manager, Baby + Kids, talks with NSS attendees about Minted Wholesale.
All Photos by Sara Wight

We showcased a sampling of Minted Home products for the first time at the 70th NSS.

Alicia Schultz of Vine and Thistle designed the lettering of this year’s brand statement for the Minted NSS booth.

NSS attendees were excited to take home this postcard map of New York’s High Line, designed by Minted Artist Jordan Sondler.

Introducing Minted Wholesale

The artist community and conference attendees were the first in the know about Minted Wholesale, a brand-new program that welcomes small boutiques and large retailers to sell Minted stationery, art, and home decor. (Read more about Minted Wholesale.)

Tanya Peng Lee of Frooted Design, a Minted artist since 2009 who attends NSS every other year, counted Minted Wholesale among the biggest buzz at the conference. “It was so exciting to watch retailers and wholesale buyers approach the booth about Minted Wholesale. I overheard retailers say, ‘This is amazing.’”

The Minted Community Cocktail Party at NSS

Minted Art above the bar (clockwise from left): “Spotlight Sago Palm” by Kiana Mosley; “Green Leaf Bouquet” by Madeline Trait; “I’m Frond of You” by Andhi Pahl; “Botanic 2 GREEN” by Stellax Creative; “2 Leaves no. 3” by Qing Ji; “Jungle Palms” by Melissa Selmin

Hugs, smiles, and botanicals were the themes of Minted’s annual NSS community cocktail party—a welcome contrast to Manhattan’s concrete jungle—on the evening of May 16. “We love to hear your stories,” Mariam said during her talk. She echoed the same sentiment during one of the artist feedback sessions earlier in the day at Javits Center and asked artists to share details about their daily lives, whether they moonlight in other professions, and what Minted can do to help them succeed.

Mariam talks with Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus.

Foliage design by Cristina Lozito

Minted Artist Lea Delavaris

Top left: Lisa Revelli of Peetie Design, Sari Victoria, and Erin Niehenke. Top right: Allison Kincaid of AK Graphics meets fellow artists. Bottom left: Belia Simm takes a selfie with Mariam.

From Belia Simm, the Peruvian New Yorker who studied medicine before becoming an artist, to Allison Kincaid, the garbanzo bean farmer-slash-designer, the Minted artist community represents a wealth of stories around the globe. Connecting in person with dozens of Minted artists like Belia and Allison is one of the primary reasons we attend National Stationery Show (NSS) each year.

Tropical Love” menu design by Elly

From left: Minted Artists Ana Sharpe (wearing blue jacket), Tina Furjanic of Design Lotus (wearing stripes), Amy Ehmann of Design Lotus, and Jinhee Park of jinseikou.

Zhay Smith, winner of the Art on Your Sleeve T-Shirt Challenge. Read more about Zhay here.

CMYK Artist Brunch

On the morning of May 16, we hosted breakfast for Minted’s CMYK artists at Friedman’s in Hell’s Kitchen. Minted’s CMYK program recognizes and rewards artists with exceptional performance on the Minted platform as demonstrated by number of wins or sales performance. Learn more about our CMYK program here.

Lower right: Christiane Pendavis, Minted General Manager of Crowdsourcing, and Megan Wells of Makewells. Brunch and party planning and styling by Natasha Lawler

If you attended National Stationery Show, we’d love to hear about the highlights for you. Share your thoughts in Comments below.

About the Author: Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, and NYLON. Connect on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published May 19, 2016 • Want to join the Minted Artist Community? Submit to a Challenge here.


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