New Minted Artists Talk Prince, Day Jobs, And Creativity

Introducing the first edition of the Minted Welcome Wagon, where we spotlight a handful of new members of the community—and find out what makes our talented designers tick.

Zhay Smith
New York Metro Area

My first winning design: “Where Creativity Soars” for the Art On Your Sleeve Challenge

My Instagram:

The highlight of my Minted experience so far:
You want me to name just one? Now that’s a challenge! How about three?

1. I like that Minted is not just your run-of-the mill crowdsourcing experience. The people in the community are really present and willing to give advice that will move you forward when you need it.

2. The challenges are fun!

3. I like that we artists are encouraged to innovate, be ourselves, and bring our uniqueness to the table. As an artist, you get to hone your craft and expand your skill set. Minted has a true commitment to meritocracy, respects artists, and champions art and design. Wait, that’s beyond three, isn’t it?

Where Creativity Soars” by Zhay Smith

The most interesting thing about me: I’ve been told the most interesting thing about me is my perspective. I tend to see things through four lenses: fashion, history, craft, and culture. I always have my eyes open for things that intrigue me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am constantly taking pictures of things that inspire my creativity. Whether it’s street fashion, a random oil slick, or it could just be noticing the way the leaves or flower petals fell on the ground that day. I appreciate latent beauty.

The music that inspires me: I have eclectic taste in music, depending on my mood. I have everything in the mix from Sia and Prince to Francesca Battistelli and Nina Simone. But, Lacrae and EDM helps to keep me “in the zone.”

My day job: I am a freelance artist/designer. Being a freelancer has allowed me to work on a diverse range of projects. I have sculpted pieces for exhibits, done illustration work for events, worked as a fashion and personal stylist, and even art directed a children’s book, but most days I work as a graphic designer.

Amer Attila
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Day job: Senior User Interface Designer

My first winning design: “
Nude study,” in the Drawing and Sketching Challenge

My personal Website: 

My Instagram: @attila.ayad

Where I find inspiration:
Nature, music, contemporary art.

My goals for learning this year:
I’m planning to draw and paint more and to try out new techniques.

Nude Study” by Amer Attila

Krysta Sidwell
Mays Landing, New Jersey

My first winning design: “Hashtag Laughter” Holiday Card in the Most Wonderful Time Holiday Card Challenge

The highlight of my Minted experience so far:
Being a part of a community of designers that I’m able to learn from and be inspired by.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! It ranges from my kids to fashion to home decor trends and beyond. And of course, Pinterest!

The most interesting thing about me:
I started out as a commercial interior designer. Once I started having kids, I made the change to graphic design. I’m completely obsessed with design in both areas, and now I’m passing it onto my three daughters.

My goals for learning this year:
 I hope to continue to learn to balance my business and raising my three girls. I feel like there is always room for improvement in that area!

Hashtag Laughter” by Krysta Sidwell

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    Nice to meet you, Zhay, Amer and Krysta!