DIY: Modern Geometric Mobile

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

I am loving all of the modern mobiles that have been popping up lately—the abstract shapes and bright colors are so whimsical and fun! I was so inspired by them that I tried my hand at making one myself using craft supplies I already had. The best part is that you can pretty much use any craft supply you like, just as long as it ties to a dowel rod! I used mostly plastic/styrofoam balls, straws, and paper. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a bunch of these to decorate for a party?

DIY Modern Mobile DIY Modern Mobile

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DIY Modern Mobile DIY Modern Mobile

• Card stock in assorted colors
• Glue stick
• Wooden dowels
• Paintbrushes
• Straws
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Paint
• String
• Needle and thread
• Styrofoam balls, ping pong balls, etc.

DIY Modern Mobile


1. Tie (double knot) a piece of string onto the center of a piece of dowel; I used a 12″ dowel rod to start.

2. Use a needle and thread to start threading plastic balls, straws, etc. together. This is the fun part—play around and see what you like the look of.

3. You can also cut the card stock into shapes and sandwich two pieces around a piece of string. I used half-circles, but try using other shapes if you like.

4. Once you’re ready to start adding decorations to the dowel rod, tape the string (already tied to the rod) to a doorframe. Next, I tied a piece of string on each end of the dowel, and then added another dowel on a string from the center. Always use double knots and trim the excess string/thread, but slide the knot placement around on the dowels until it’s balanced.

5. I added two more threads onto the second dowel and then took the mobile down from the doorway. Paint some of the simpler pieces to add pops of color. Let dry.

6. Hang up your mobile as decorations for a party (make multiples!) or over a desk for longer-term decor.

DIY Modern Mobile

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