DIY: Brass Ring and Yarn Wall Hanging

Written by Sharon Garofalow

Woven wall hangings are all the rage right now, but most DIY versions require special equipment (like a loom) and some artistic ability. But not ours—this DIY wall hanging requires only a few easy-to-buy supplies to create a custom art piece to liven up your walls. You’ll be able to fulfill all your boho craft dreams in just minutes!

Easy wall hanging idea with brass ring and yarn

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Make this simple DIY wall hanging for your home decor.

• Brass ring (any size will work)
• Chunky yarn (whatever color you like)
• Scissors

How to make a wall hanging with brass ring and yarn.


1.  Cut a piece of yarn (length will vary depending on the size of your ring and how much you’d like to hang past the bottom of the ring), fold it in half, then loop it around the top of the brass ring. Wrap the loop over the top, then insert the two ends through the loop and pull ends to tighten.

2.  Separate the two ends and loop them around the bottom of the brass ring.

3.  Knot each piece of yarn around the ring.

4.  Repeat as many times as you would like to achieve your desired look; I used three pieces of yarn on my small version. Trim the ends of the hanging yarn, if you like. You can easily add more yarn strands for a fuller look and you can also use multiple colors of yarn if you prefer.

DIY brass ring and yarn wall hanging

With just a few simple knots you can make an easy, but totally cool, DIY wall hanging for your home. Make them using several different sized rings to create a vignette for your wall.

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