DIY: Champagne Flute Cake

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

This has got to be one of the simplest DIY projects ever—all you need is a cake and mini plastic champagne flutes! Perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party, write the message “Cheers” or “Congrats!” onto a frosted cake and decorate the edge with the champagne flutes for your guests. Doesn’t this make for a charming photo op?

Champagne Flute Cake Champagne Flute Cake

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Champagne Flute Cake

• Miniature plastic champagne flutes
• Cake iced with a festive message (i.e. “Cheers” or “Congrats”)
• Piping bag filled with icing
• Champagne, sparkling wine, or similar


1. Along the edge of your iced cake, use the piping bag to make little frosting dots.

2. Fill a mini champagne flute with champagne or sparkling wine.

3. Carefully set the flute onto one of the frosting dots, pressing in place. (Tip: Pour and decorate the cake near your destination to prevent spills.)

Champagne Flute Cake

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