Chicago Artists Create Collages at Self-Organized Meetup

“I have glitter glue on the front of my jacket, so I’ll carry a little bit of the meetup forever with me,” joked Melissa Egan, a Chicago artist who goes by Pistols on Minted. On a rainy Sunday afternoon on April 10, she and four fellow Chicago area Minted artists got together to create collages at One Strange Bird in Wicker Park.

Pooja Pittie, a new community member and recent first-time winner of the Minted x West Elm Round 4 Art Challenge, organized the event. “For a Minted newbie like me, it was incredible to meet other artists,” she said. “Our interaction in the community is usually online, so it was really nice to meet in person and get a glimpse of everyone’s artistic process as we worked through the collage board.”

Here’s a recap of the event. If you’re interested in organizing a Minted Artist Meetup in your area, please fill out this form.

Let the collaging begin! Clockwise from top: Pooja Pittie, Lindsay Megahed, Johanna Phillips Huuva, and Melissa Egan of Pistols.

Before we dove into creating our own collages, the teacher at One Strange Bird shared these samples of collages made by other artists.

Melissa Egan and Pooja Pittie start by painting backgrounds for their collages.

Johanna Phillips Huuva started her collage with an ombre effect, the background for what will become covered with butterflies—and a gift for her daughter.

Melissa Egan created a collage using magazine clippings, glitter glue, paint, and gold paper.

Lindsay Megahed’s collage

Pooja Pittie’s collage

The table’s drop cloth looks more like a work of art than a catchall for paint.

From left: Minted Community Content Manager Amy Schroeder; Pooja Pittie, Lindsay Megahed, Melissa Egan of Pistols, and Johanna Phillips Huuva.

Published April 18, 2016 • Want to join the Minted Artist Community? Submit to a Design Challenge here.

  1. How lovely! Great job and what a wonderful way to spend the day with fellow minties!

  2. Kahoot

    Great. I wish I could join you