DIY: Petal-Envelope Cookie Favors

This simple DIY involves three of my favorite things: pretty paper, party favors, and cookies. The end product works well for a sweet takeaway for any type of party, just swap out the paper for a different pattern that coordinates with the theme.

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how to make a petal envelope

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• Decorative paper (I used this floral wrapping)
Envelope template
• Card stock (optional)
• Scissors
• Tape or circle stickers
Cookie labels (optional)

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1. Print this petal envelope template and trace onto decorative paper. Cut out.

2. If envelope paper is thin, cut out a square of card stock to fit the middle of the envelope.

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3. Fold rounded edges of envelope into the middle. Insert card stock square and cookie then close envelope by folding the flaps inwards going clockwise.

4. Secure envelope by adding a piece of tape or sticker in the middle. Add a cookie label (click here for the free label printables seen here), if desired.

petal envelope how to petal envelope diy

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  1. Trina and Tina

    The perfect packaging for Saturday sweet treats! Thanks for the directions!