Printable: Bunny Bag Toppers

Take your Easter basket up a notch with these adorable bunny treat-bag toppers. They’re a cinch to whip up (not to mention they’re a great way to obscure some of the unavoidable not-so-cute Easter candy packaging out there). Keep reading for the free printable.

easter favors
bunny bag toppers

Grab the free download below…

Easter Bag Toppers printable
• Scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Brads (I used heart-shaped ones for the nose)
• Plastic bags (with 6″ opening)

treat bag toppers


1. Print the treat-bag toppers and cut around bottom and side edges, and ears. Leave the paper attached next to the ears then fold over to be the backside of the topper. Trim any excess paper off the bottom.

2. Fill bag with candy.

3. Use tape to attach the frontside and back (left and right sides) to the bag. Stick brad through the nose, bag, and backside to attach the middle section.

easter bag toppers

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  1. Haylee

    Thank you so much!! Ah these are absolutely adorable, seriously thank you.