A Day in the Life of Amy Carroll

Animals are the heart and soul of many of Amy Carroll’s photographs, including “Staredown,” a portrait of a bull that is one of Minted’s most popular limited edition prints. The Michigan photographer has weaved a life centered around family, animals, and creativity. As she shows in this video and in her own words on her Minted Artist Store, you can find Amy traveling abroad or exploring her backyard. “Beauty abounds,” she says. “Take time to see it.”

Portraits of Amy Carroll by Sam Vanderlist

“Staredown” limited edition print by Amy Carroll

8 AM-ish: We start our day roughly between 7:30 or 8 am each day. We co-sleep with our two-year-old son Mayer, so when he’s ready to get up, we get up and all start our day by fixing breakfast together. Our recent favorite is banana pancakes, which Mayer loves to help me make. I’ve been trying to be more cognitive of my time with my family and instead of hopping immediately on my phone or computer, spending quality time with Jeff and Mayer and enjoying a slower and more mindful start to our day.

9 AM: With coffee in hand, I head to my desk to start my day. Besides being a creative photographer, I’m also a wedding and portrait photographer, and typically begin my working day answering emails and usually doing some editing. Because we live in a small, 900-square-foot condo, and my husband and I both work from home, my work time usually involves a little help from Mayer. Playing with Mayer gives me some needed breaks from my screen to have a little fun running around and playing hide-and-seek, a current fave of our little one.

Noon: For lunchtime, we either make a lunch together at home or walk to one of our favorite eateries in our neighborhood. We live in the city and love having the opportunity to walk to our favorite places. Now that the weather is getting warmer here in Michigan and spring is just around the corner, it allows us to be able to walk more and enjoy our outdoor time together.

We are big proponents of supporting local businesses, like LeBon Macaron, which is right down the road from our condo building and a favorite treat to indulge in after a meal.

1:30 PM: We put Mayer down for a nap in the afternoon, which allows me to get a little more work done before he gets up. When I need a creative stretch or some time out of the office, I will often drive backroads, or visit farms with animals to allow myself some time with them. It’s my happy place and where I get all of my animal pictures that you see on Minted. I try to set up weekly visits with neighboring farms that will allow me time with their animals to make new portraits. It’s one of my favorite weekly appointments and brings me immense joy.

3:30 PM: I’m typically ready to call it a day in the office at this point in the afternoon, and as Mayer is waking up, we will do some type of art project with him. He loves drawing, coloring, and painting, and we are encouraging of any artistic outlet. It’s fun for us, too! My husband is a talented illustrator, and I love watching him draw.

I will say that while up to this point this is a pretty “typical” day for us, because we have such flexibility in our schedules, we are able to mix up a lot of our days with outings to play with friends, go on hikes, drive out to Lake Michigan, and do a fair amount of traveling. Especially with both Jeff and I being creatives, too much routine can make us feel stale and stifles the creative process. Just a little side note as I am thinking ahead to our day tomorrow and that we get to enjoy time with friends and will be taking in some great weather for outdoor activities.

5:30 PM: We are early dinner eaters and have dinner as a family early in the evening. In the summer, we take advantage of our large balcony, but in the winter, we try to invoke a little of that fun by creating picnics in our living room. Mayer has recently started enjoying learning to cook and loves to help as we make our dinners.

7 PM: If I don’t have a shoot in the evening, we often like to take a walk after dinner if the weather is nice, or just relax in our living room reading, watching a movie, and just playing together.

9 PM: Mayer goes to sleep around 8:30 and depending on the evening, that gives Jeff and I some alone time to recap our day and relax together with a glass of wine or an IPA. Other days, depending on my workload, I may work a few additional hours in the peace and quiet of the evening. I also love podcasts and love catching up on my favorites, which include This American Life, The Moth, and Joyce Meyer.

“Mr. Briggs” by Amy Carroll

Highland Cows” limited edition print by Amy Carroll

Wedding portrait by Amy Carroll

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  1. Hilary

    Beautiful photography! congrats…love the use of animals as the subject matter. I am taking a trip to India at the end of the week and hope to dabble in photography while I’m there (although I am truly a painter) any tips? I am deciding if I should take my Canon or use my iphone 6s.