DIY: Giant Golden Shamrock

By Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up—do you usually decorate for the occasion? I have to say that normally I don’t do much, mostly because the majority of decorations available in stores aren’t quite my taste. This year though, I decided to make my own oversized four-leaf clover—it makes a big impact while still being a bit more subtle than some of the gaudier decorations I’ve seen.

DIY: Giant Golden Clover

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DIY: Giant Golden Clover

• Foil tray lid
• Clear tape
• Scissors
• Pencil
• Ruler
• Gold spray paint

St. Patrick's Day Golden Shamrock DIY


1. Draw and cut an oversized clover leaf out of the foil lid, leaving a tab extending out from one end as shown. Make three more in this way and fold them down the center to make a crease. My leaves were each 13″ long plus a 2 1/2″ tab, but you can cut them to whatever size you prefer.

2. Draw and cut a gently curving stem for the clover.

3. To add texture to the clover leaves, put a towel down on your work surface and use a ruler and pencil to draw lines on one half of each leaf.

4. Spray paint the leaves and stem gold. Let dry.

5. To attach onto the wall: Bend back the tab and tape to secure as shown—this should be hidden behind the leaf. Use another couple loops of tape to help secure the leaf onto the wall. Repeat with the other leaves and when happy with the placement, tape the stem to the wall as well.

DIY: Giant Golden Clover

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  1. Trina

    I agree in that I don’t like all of the bright green St Pats decorations. But this I love! And how genius to use a foil tray lid. Thanks for the inspiration and the idea!