15 Minted Artists to Follow on Instagram

How did we narrow this list to 15? With Minted artists around the world creating beautiful Instagrams, it wasn’t easy, but we considered three things: compelling content, a cohesive look, and posting on the regular. This is just the tip of the creative iceberg—we want to hear your recommendations for other Minted artists to follow on Instagram. Share your suggestions in comments at the end of this article.

Patricia Varga
Patricia’s Minted Artist Store
The abstract acrylic and new media artist shares the brushstrokes of her process
and takes you inside her Oxnard, California, studio.

Being bold #dscolor #bright #colorful #designinspo

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Annie Bunker Mertlich
Annie’s Minted Artist Store
Get a look up close at the artist and calligrapher’s elegant, nature-inspired work.

Packing orders all day! Love these kind of days!

A photo posted by Annie Bunker Mertlich (@wildfieldpaperco) on


Christine Llewellyn
Christine’s Minted Artist Store
The New York artist-designer shares her adventures in watercolor,
pattern-making, and travel to India and beyond.

Tiny brush strokes. #stressrelief #arttherapy #christinejoydesignwatercolor

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Meg Gleason
Meg’s Minted Artist Store
The self-described designer, illustrator, and farm wife shares art
and life from her gorgeous studio in Iowa.

A little color for your Monday.

A photo posted by Meg Gleason (@mogleameg) on


Sarah Curry
Sarah’s Minted Artist Store
Is Santa Cruz, California, really as colorful as you’ve heard? Yes, it is, and
Sarah’s Instagram of life by the ocean is proof.

A photo posted by Sarah (@sarahcurrydesign) on


Alicia Schultz
Alicia’s Minted Artist Store
The Portland, Oregon, artist shares artistic renditions of inspirational quotes and more.


Naomi Ernest
Naomi’s Minted Artist Store
See the inner workings of the Michigan artist’s paintings and photography—not to mention a bit of her life in a restored 200-year-old barn, with her five children.

Why, yes. I do, in fact, place some tiny gilded details individually with tweezers.

A photo posted by Naomi Ernest (@naomiernest) on


Laura Bolter

Laura’s Minted Artist Store
The self-described letter lover, INFP, and new grandmother
creates cool little videos about her creative process.


Jocelyn Edin
Jocelyn’s Minted Artist Store
Jocelyn shares progress of her flora, landscapes, and
abstract art from her Garden of Edin in Michigan.


Matthew Sampson
Matthew’s Minted Artist Store
Seems like this Chicago photographer is rarely in the Windy City. He’d much
rather share his outdoor adventures with you.

Missing those redwoods.

A photo posted by Matthew Sampson (@mattdsampson) on


Melanie Severin
Melanie’s Minted Artist Store
The Canadian designer-artist shares her creative adventures as a “mom to three chicken farmers.”


Amy Carroll
Amy’s Minted Artist Store
True to her word, Amy finds the beauty and adventure of the everyday.

Majestic Waipio Valley

A photo posted by Amy Carroll (@amycarrollphotography) on


Brandy Brown of Marabou Design
Brandy’s Minted Artist Store
The world is a colorful oyster for this designer, stylist, and blogger.


Christina Flowers
Christina’s Minted Artist Store
We’re excited to see more posts from the artist with a signature bold, colorful style.

FLIGHT No. 1 . Sending this one out into the world. #color #abstractart #dscolor #midcentury modern #decorideas #larsmakes #etsy #interiors

A photo posted by christina flowers (@hellochristinaflowers) on


Jaime Derringer
Jaime’s Minted Artist Store
You may already be one of the 1 million followers of Jaime’s @DesignMilk Instagram. On her personal account, she shares behind the scenes of her life and creative inspirations.

First #jaimesketchbookery of 2016!

A photo posted by Jaime Derringer (@jaimederringer) on


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  1. Ali Monty

    Great list! These artists are very talented. I have to say you guys missed one, though. Allie Richardson is AMAZING!!!! hellohialoha & allierichardsondesigns Just wanted you to know!