Child’s Play Fabric Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our Child’s Play Fabric Challenge! For this category, we want to help parents create beautiful, playful, and fun spaces for their children by offering a larger collection of fabric designs geared towards kids of all ages. In this challenge we looked to you, our talented community, to deliver unique, differentiated designs that are truly kid-worthy! We received so many incredible fabric designs that will surely infuse style and personality into any child’s room or nursery. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

Mix it Up Award
For the designer with the best collection of three complementary
designs that cohesively mix and match together
Woodland Wonder” by Karidy Walker

Runner-up: Pretty Florals” by Lori Wemple

Boy Wonder Award
For the best design with a boy in mind
Planet Dots” by Baumbirdy

Runners-up: Treasure Map” by Alethea and Ruth | “Traffic Jam” by Mel Armstrong

Totally Teen Award
For the best design geared towards teens
Jamba” by chocomocacino

Runners-up: Catch a Wave” by Lorent and Leif | “Spring Meadow” by Frooted Design

Newborn Award
For the design that is best suited for a newborn nursery
Wild Things” by Emily Hein

Bunny Party” by Heidy Garay

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Sketch Pad Award
For the best design that features playful hand-drawn sketches or illustrations
Beetles” by Emma Jean Mueller

Runners-up: Petite Paris” by Kelsey Carlson | “Pimply Lizard” by Dunia Nalu

All About the Animals Award
For the best design featuring animals
Lions and Tigers and Bears” by Alethea and Ruth

Runners-up: Tribal Animals” by Petra Wolff | “Jungle Fun” by Rebecca Turner

The Bold and Beautiful Award
For the best design that features bright, bold, colors
Boho Garden” by Lori Wemple

Runners-up: Cute red little flowers” by Alexandra Dzh | “Stars in Circles” by Lindsay Megahed

Modern Prep Award
For the design that best applies a modern take on a classic preppy pattern
Soft Burlap” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

Runners-up: Lil Zebras” by Itsy Belle Studio | “Breton Stripe” by Melissa Selmin

Newbie Award
For the best design from a first-time winner
Circus Circus” by Eunice James

Runners-up: What’s the Angle” by Keri | “Happy Stars” by Emily Sanford

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