DIY: Herb-Infused Honey Favors

If you’re hosting a party or gathering this spring—afternoon brunch, Easter luncheon, or even a wedding!—then consider giving guests jars of herb-infused honey as a take-home favor. The idea was inspired by a spring brunch I recently styled that featured the colors and textures of pollen and rose quartz, and these DIY honey jars were the perfect complement to the party. Your guests will be delighted by the fresh, bright notes of the herb-infused honey. Not to mention the fact that they look downright beautiful on the table.

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Fresh herbs like rosemary give honey an unexpected hint of flavor.

• Herb-infused honey
• Honey jars (I used these)
• Custom stickers (I used “Storybook Romance” by Stacey Meacham)
• Tape or hot glue gun


1. Make the herb-infused honey. I used this recipe; I chose rosemary because it’s currently growing in my winter herb pots, but fresh thyme or mint would work well, too. Once the honey has completely cooled, transfer it to a small jar and seal with the lid.

2. Cut a length of ribbon and affix it to the back side of the honey jar with tape or a dot of hot glue (hot glue works best for holding the ribbon in place).

3. Pull the ribbon taut over the top of the jar and secure it to the front using a small sticker.

4. Display at each place setting for your brunch guests to enjoy!

• Save money (and time!): Make your herb-infused honey in large batches using a jumbo-size jar of honey (mine is from Costco).
• Honey has a long shelf-life, so you can make these well in advance and they’ll keep for a very long time.

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