DIY: Fabric-Covered Serving Trays

The next time you’re headed to a party with some homemade treats in hand, don’t let the presentation fall flat by serving them on paper plates. These fun, fabric-covered serving trays look just as good as your goodies and are easy and inexpensive to make (we used our favorite Minted fabrics). Bonus: They make great hostess gifts, too!

fabric covered tray
diy serving tray

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• Various trays (i.e., cookie sheets, pizza pans, plates and platters)
• Mod Podge (make sure to get the dishwasher-safe version)
• Foam brush
• Fabric scissors
• Minted fabric (seen here: “Dotted Line” by Anne Holmquist, “Animal Mix” by Jessie Steury, and “Honeycrisp” by Katie Wahn)

mod podge project


1. Cut a piece of fabric so that the size is slightly larger than the tray you are using (be sure to account for the tip around the edge).

2. Use a foam brush to apply a layer of Mod Podge directly onto the tray, then immediately place the fabric on top. Use your hands and press down firmly; smooth out any bubbles with a flat edge.

3. Apply another layer of Mod Podge on top of fabric to seal. Let dry completely.

4. Once dry, trim off excess fabric.

custom tray how to make a tray

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  1. Really interesting project.It seems I can reuse some old and faded trays again by covering it with a beautiful fabric.