DIY: Swan Headbands

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

Have you ever seen those plastic swan favors in the wedding section of the craft store? Usually they have cheap-looking painted details and are coated in a shiny finish. Despite all this, I knew they had the potential to be so much more. So, I gave them a little paint job, attached them onto a headband, and voila! A simple and modern accessory to wear this Valentine’s Day.

DIY Swan Headbands DIY Swan Headbands

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DIY Swan Headbands DIY Swan Headbands

• Plain headbands
• Hot glue gun
• Plastic swan favors
• Paint
• Paintbrushes


1. Paint the plastic swans—you will need two per headband. I painted mine pale pink, but you could repaint them white or try charcoal black. Let dry.

2. Using a fine brush, paint the beak orange and the face detail in black. Add black glitter on top if desired. Let dry.

3. Apply hot glue onto the bottom of the swan and attach onto the headband. Do the same for the second swan so that they’re facing each other.

DIY Swan Headbands

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