Adorable Real-Life Wedding-Proposal Stories

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ve gathered some of the most romantic wedding-proposal stories we’ve heard, all shared to us by our wonderful Minted customers. So, get ready for some serious “Awwws” because whether you’re close to getting engaged yourself or nowhere near walking down the aisle, you’ll love reading about strangers falling in love and how their happily-ever-afters began.

The Couple: Karen & Nigel (above)

Karen and Nigel met playing basketball in New York City. Although, as Karen recalls, it wasn’t love at first sight: “At first I was turned off because he never passed me the ball, but he later tells me it was because we weren’t on the same team! Details… We kept running into each other playing ball and got to know each other more, and a few months later went on our first date.”

Karen and Nigel chose Minted’s “Winter Flourish” (below) for their wedding invitation.

The Proposal

“After a night out with my best girlfriend, Nigel and I grabbed a drink at a neighborhood bar we’d been wanting to check out. When we got back to our apartment, I opened the door and our living room had been covered with all of my favorite things: a decorated Christmas tree (I LOVE Christmas), a handmade Funfetti cake (my favorite), a bowl of Skittles (an addiction of mine), a Duke T-shirt, a bottle of my fave champagne, Sister Act 2 cued up on TV, and the floor covered in confetti (because I always want life to be like that last scene in Footloose!), and music playing in the background. After I had taken it all in, I turned to see him on one knee saying, ‘I wanted you to be surrounded by all the things you love before popping the question.’” Karen and Nigel tied the knot on August 8, 2015 using Minted’s Winter Flourish wedding invitation.

Karen and Nigel (wedding): Mantas Kubilinskas


The Couple: Kristina & Patrick

Kristina and Patrick like to say they were introduced by their mutual friend, Match. The more they dated and got to know each other, the more they knew they were meant to be together forever. A planner to the core, Kristina couldn’t just sit by and wait for any old proposal. Patrick’s proposal had to meet her ideal criteria, which included the right venue; the right attire; her nails had to be done; and she also wanted her parents to witness the special event. How would Patrick manage to hit each of Kristina’s requests? With some good old fashion fun, of course!

The Proposal:

“I decided to take this opportunity to mess with Kristina, as I believe it my role to make her laugh as much as possible, ” says Patrick. “In my eyes, [an banal afternoon shopping trip to Home Depot] was perfect, as it met none of her qualifications. So, I decided to get down on one knee right there.  Before my knee could hit the ground, she was already stammering, “no, no, no, no, no, no…etc.”  While she seemed to realize what I was doing, and that I was messing with her, some part of her must have thought it might be real.”
 “After I caught up with her in the next aisle, I told her that I think I counted 13 ‘No’s.’  Seeing the effect this had on her, I knew I couldn’t stop the joke there. Therefore, she was going to have to endure 13 more fake proposals before the real one. Over the next 5 months, I would ‘fake propose’ with ring pops at various places and times. Some places were of great meaning to us, while others were more random and spontaneous. I kept ring pops in my car, just in case.”

“January 30th, 2015, was the day the real proposal came. I convinced a friend of hers to take her to get her nails done the day before. I told her we were going to meet my boss for a nice dinner, so she had to dress up. I told her we had to go to church as I left something there the night before. We walked inside up to Mary’s altar, where we kneel together to say prayers after mass every Sunday. After we said our three Hail Mary’s, I grabbed a ring pop out of my pocket rustled it out of the package and gave it to her. She was excited because this was the 11th ring pop. We got up to leave, but I knelt right back down. Kristina would tell me later that she thought she was getting another ring pop. I pulled the actual ring she had been patiently waiting for out of my pocket and began to tell her how much I love her and how much she means to me.  She did not think it was real until the photographer I had planted there stood up to start taking photos.  He had been pretending to pray until that point. After I heard the, “yes,” through her tears, I had to ask her to take the ring pop off to make room for the real ring.”

 “As we left the church, I informed her that I was taking her to a special dinner for just the two of us. When we got to the restaurant, she was surprised to see her parents, who had driven in from Buffalo, and my parents already seated at the table.  Each of our mothers were wearing ring pops, these were the final two.” The happy couple were married on August 29, 2015, using the Minted’s Ornamental Wedding stationery suite for their special day.

Kristina and Patrick (wedding): Paperlily Photography
Kristina and Patrick (proposal): Seasonal Stories Photography


The Couple: Jacqui & Sebastian
Our next proposal comes from Jacqui and Sebastian, who met in New York City when Jacqui was an intern at the company where Sebastian worked. They remained friends after her internship concluded, then started dating shortly after.

Minted Wedding Proposal Stories

The Proposal:
What started off as a normal day the park ended in a fairytale proposal. Jacqui explains, “We got engaged in Central Park. Sebastian invited me to go for a boat ride in Central Park on Saturday morning. I didn’t think much of it because we were always doing adventurous activities and a lot of exploring and taking advantage of all that New York City has to offer. We rode the boat on the gorgeous summer morning for a bit. Once we passed a bridge, I turned around to see 20 of our closest friends holding umbrellas that spelled out ‘Will you marry me?’ The whole park stopped and gasped—it was the most incredible moment.” Can you imagine the sweetness? Jacqui and Sebastian celebrated their wedding abroad in Bled, Slovenia, on August 1, 2015, and chose custom letterpress wedding stationery from Minted.

Jacqui and Sebastian (wedding): Naomi Yudanin 
Jacqui and Sebastian (proposal): Courtesy of the couple

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