DIY: Felt Heart Mask

Written by Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

Who are you looking at with heart eyes this Valentine’s Day? This DIY felt heart mask makes it pretty clear! Super simple to make, you probably already have all the supplies on hand. Wouldn’t it be fun to craft a bunch of these with guests at your Valentine’s Day party?

DIY Felt Heart Mask DIY Felt Heart Mask

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DIY Felt Heart Mask DIY Felt Heart Mask

• Felt (in various shades of red and pink)
• Scissors
• Craft glue
• Ribbon

DIY Felt Heart Mask


1. Cut a basic eye mask out of felt, keeping in mind the size of the person you’re making it for (child vs adult).

2. Cut out felt hearts in assorted sizes and colors.

3. Arrange the hearts onto the mask until you’re happy with the result. Glue all hearts in place.

4. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 20″ in length each. On the back of the felt mask, glue one ribbon to each side and let dry.

DIY Felt Heart Mask

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