DIY: Bon Bon Bowls

By Kathleen Ballos of  Snowdrop & Co

I’m the first to admit that my collection of vintage glassware is becoming a problem. I buy all kinds faster than I can do anything with them! Recently I stumbled upon a few sets of milk glass ramekins at the thrift store and of course I had to scoop them up. They’ve been sitting around a while, unused, so I thought they’d be just perfect for today’s project. Fill assorted bowls with candies and wrap them with cellophane to make an even larger candy! Wouldn’t these be great as small gifts or favors for a Valentine’s Day party?

DIY Bon Bon Bowls DIY Bon Bon Bowls

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DIY Bon Bon Bowls

• Assorted glass bowls
• Ribbon or string
• Scissors
• Cellophane (pink and clear)
• Candies

DIY Bon Bon Bowls


1. Fill your bowl with candy.

2. Cut a piece of cellophane long enough to wrap around the bowl, and wide enough to have gathers on both sides—about 5″ on each side of the bowl. (Note: You can also use clear cellophane, and use clear tape to attach pink cellophane stripes on each side. When finished, the candies will remain their actual color, but the gathers on each side will be pink.)

3. Fold the cellophane over so that the seam is on the bottom of the bowl; tape in place if necessary.

4. Use ribbon to tie knots on both sides of the bowl. Repeat with assorted bowls and candies.

DIY Bon Bon Bowls DIY Bon Bon Bowls DIY Bon Bon Bowls

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