5 Tips for Refreshing Your Minted Artist Store in Q1

Ready to give your Minted Artist Store a seasonal refresh? To help you think through your merchandising strategy and the products to spotlight in your Store, we’ve compiled these five tips with the insights of Minted’s marketing and merchandising leaders.

Alexandra Dzhiganskaya updated her Store shortly after New Year’s, prioritizing her winning Valentine’s Day designs and spring floral art.

1. De-Holidayize Your Store

First things first, if you have Holiday products positioned as your first category after Store Home, reposition that category to your last category tab. For technical advice, read these FAQs, and watch this instructional video.

Second, remove holiday products from your top row of Featured Products, which are the first row of four products, within a carousel of up to 12. Third, if you have any holiday-themed images in your “About You” carousel, replace them with season-relevant images, such as a photograph of your creative process and a styled shot of your Valentine’s Day products.

2. Prioritize Valentine’s Day

Shortly after New Year’s, we suggest promoting Valentine’s Day products. Minted’s most popular Valentine’s Day products are Valentine’s photo cards, and foil products continue to grow in popularity. Popular sentiments include “sending your love,” “hugs & kisses,” “XOXO,” etc., says Ashley Ganz, Minted’s Director of Merchandising for Holiday and Gifts. “Customers typically are drawn to designs that incorporate hearts and, of course, red and pink are popular colors,” she says. “Interestingly, many customers send Valentine’s Day cards when they don’t have time to mail holiday cards, and people love to share photographs of their family.”

As for shipping cut-off dates, there are a variety of deadlines for Valentine’s Day depending on the type of product, shipping and proof option selected, and whether the customer wants to mail cards to arrive in recipients’ homes by February 14 or they want to hand them out in person. Minted’s cut-off dates are listed here; Valentine’s Day dates will be posted soon.

Sealed With a Kiss” by Stacey Meacham

After Valentine’s Day, start thinking about Easter, which is on March 27 in 2016. What Easter designs do you have, or what would you like to self-launch to your Store? Minted offers self-launch non-customizable art, fabric, notebooks, wrapping paper, mini cards, A2 and A7 stationery, and stickers. Read more about self-launch in FAQs.

3. Promote Wedding Save the Dates and Invitations

Although “wedding season” typically describes the peak time weddings occur (May–September), at Minted, wedding season starts early in the year. “Save the date sales peak in the first quarter, and then start declining starting in April. Invitation sales are more consistent during the year, but there is a lot of discovery and browsing happening right now,” says Jen Ryu, Minted’s Director of Wedding Marketing. “Wedding day-of items like programs and place cards are strong during the actual wedding season.” Jen adds that bridal shower invitations also are in high demand in late February through March.

“Our brides want to be unique,” says Katie Kwon, Minted’s Weddings Merchandising Manager. “Think about all the different demographics of brides and how to merchandise your Store to show them the range of your design ability and styles.” Katie recommends positioning wedding products “above the fold” of your Store, with four different styles of products in the first row. This will help broaden your appeal to more brides and make her want to shop deeper into your Store to discover more.

4. Spring Into Spring Art in February

Caroline Jung, Minted’s Art Merchandising Manager, recommends showing off spring art starting in mid- to late February. What exactly do we mean by spring art? Think botanicals, pastels and bright colors, and even inspirational sentiments in typography art. If you don’t currently have spring art, Caroline recommends showing your strongest overall art.

Tidal Basin by Day” limited-edition print by AMK

5. Share Your Story

You’ve probably heard us say this before, and we’ll continue to encourage artists to share the interesting details of their lives as artists. “Your story helps customers connect with you emotionally,” says Brady Wood, Vice President of External Relations.

In  your About You carousel, we recommend including photos of yourself in your studio or work environment, along with photos of things that inspire you or represent your creative style. For more insights, read artist Melanie Severin’s advice in Minted’s 7 Tips for Creating a Unique Artist Brand.

Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, and NYLON. Connect with her on Instagram @thevenuslady.

Published January 14, 2016 • Learn how to become a Minted artist here.

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