6 Tips for Non-Custom Self-Launch Stickers and Labels

Self-launch non-custom stickers are the eighth product of Minted’s self-launch offering for Minted Artists with Stores. This release includes two products: stickers and labels. The only difference between the two is the paper they’re printed on—stickers are printed on an adhesive-backed paper; labels are printed on a coated paper with a slicker, waterproof surface.

Minted’s assortment of customizable stickers are recommended for use as envelope seals and for adding a special touch to stationery and more. Minted’s assortment of customizable labels are recommended for a number of uses, including a durable way to identify kids’ bottles, food containers, and sports equipment.

One of the most important things to keep in mind about self-launch, non-customizable stickers is that they cannot be personalized by customers. If you’re looking for ideas for the endless possibilities for stickers, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find valuable insights from an experienced Minted sticker designer along with Minted’s merchandising, marketing, and technical leaders.

Guapa” rounded stickers by Kelli Hall

1. Fill a gap

“Self-launch stickers have potential to be very popular with consumers,” says Erica Krystek, a prolific artist whose Minted Artist Store includes a range of stickers. When it comes to creating new products for your Store, we recommend creating your own strategy based on your strengths and interests in addition to filling a gap in the Minted assortment. What do you feel is missing from the Minted sticker and label assortment, and how can you create something unique?

If you’re looking for more precise merchandising advice, Minted CEO Mariam Naficy’s vision for self-launch non-custom stickers revolves around greater flexibility for gift-giving. She recommends creating gift tags with the “From:” and “To:” fields not filled in, allowing for everyone in a family to use the tags. “We’re considering promoting non-custom stickers in the Minted shopping cart as an easy, last-minute ‘add to cart’,” she says. “Kind of like chewing gum at the cash register.”

2. Take a seasonal approach

Mary-Kevin Stuart, Minted’s Senior Merchandising Manager of Baby and Kids products, recommends designing stickers for events and holidays. “Stickers could be used for holiday treats or favors,” she says. “For instance, a sticker that simply reads, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’.”

You may also want to create gift labels that are versatile enough to be used year-round, or create seasonal stickers (such as themes for spring, summer, fall, and winter) or holiday- and event-themed stickers, such as for birthdays, winter holidays, etc.

Rollin’” sticker by Erica Krystek

3. Appeal to a variety of customers

As for whether to target a niche or broader customer base, again, it’s up to you. Erica Krystek recommends designing stickers that appeal to just about any Minted customer. “Since they’re non-custom, I’d say focus on pretty patterns, illustrations, and neutral colorways that appeal to a wide variety of customers—don’t get too style-specific,” she says. “Though you could incorporate general text like ‘thank you’ or ‘with love,’ I would keep the copy to a minimum or nix it altogether.”

4. Create a collectible series

Do you have a signature design, style, or visual that you’d like to expand with additional product offerings? Self-launch stickers are a fun way to experiment and stretch your creative horizons. For example, perhaps you’ve created a cute illustration for another Minted product, and you’d like to take it to the next level. “I think there could be an opportunity to create stickers for kids that can be used for fun, as kids commonly do with sheets of stickers of their favorite characters,” says Mary-Kevin.

O! It’s a boy” closure stickers by Oma Ramkhelawan. Note: Self-launch non-custom stickers are not available in this scallop shape, but they are available in 18 combinations of shapes and sizes.

5. Start on the right technical foot

Nathan Glynn, Minted’s self-launch product manager, says it’s important to leave ample room from the edges where the design will be cut. “Our printers are as accurate as possible, but we recommend reducing the margin for error by adding extra space,” he says.

Like Minted’s other non-custom products, make sure that you don’t include any elements that you would expect a potential customer to want to change, such as photos or names.

Ready to get started? Download these self-launch non-customizable Adobe Illustrator templates.

6. Merchandise your products

Once you self-launch any new product, be sure to “merchandise” them in the right location in your Store. Use the Merchandising Tools to place the new product next to matching products on your Store Home or other Sections. “If you’re launching several stickers, you may even consider creating a new section in your Store so your users can easily see all of them in once place,” says Vineet Gupta, Minted’s Director of Community Products. For technical advice about merchandising your Store, read this FAQ.

Once you’ve launched your Stickers, promote them by sharing sticker designs on your social networks. For advice, read 6 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Media Content.

Self-launch products are available to artists with Minted Artist Stores. Learn more about Stores and self-launch products in our Designer FAQs.

Amy Schroeder, Minted’s Community Content Manager, founded Venus, the magazine about women in the arts and DIY culture, and has written for Etsy, West Elm, and NYLON. Connect with her on Instagram @thevenuslady.

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Published January 13, 2016 • Learn how to become a Minted artist here.

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