All You Need is Love Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our All You Need is Love Valentine’s Day Challenge! With Valentine’s Day just a month away, children and adults of all ages will soon be sending sweet sentiments of love to family, friends, and classmates. In this challenge we turned to you, the talented Minted Community, to create fresh, unique designs that are sure to warm hearts. Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the most unique, original Valentine’s design
Cityscape” by Jordan Sondler

Runner-up: “Arctic Cool” by Shiny Penny Studio

For the Valentine’s photo card that uses clever 
wording to reinvent typical Valentine’s greetings 
Heartbreaker” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Runners-up: Valentine Wishes” by Shirley Lin Schneider | “Hearts and Roses” by Mansi
Love in the Air” by Erin Deegan

For the best humorous Classroom Valentine
Robot with a Boombox” by Hooray Creative

Runners-up: Seal of Approval” by Allie Richardson | “You’re On Fire” by Chelsey Scott
Llama Love” by Lorent and Leif

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For the best Valentine’s Photo Card that offers
a fun, creative way to send out belated greetings
Valentine Rhyme” by Genna Cowsert

Runner-up: Just Being Real” by Amy Payne

For the Valentine’s Photo Card or Classroom Valentine design
 with elements that truly shine in foil-pressed
Gold Foiled XO” by Baumbirdy

For the best sports-themed Classroom Valentine
Pumped” by Iron Range Artery

For the best Classroom Valentine designed
 for teachers to give their students
Mr Bookworm” by Karidy Walker

Runners-up: Sharp Student” by Christina Novak | “No Lion” by JeAnna Casper
Smart Cookie” by Anne Holmquist

For the best Valentine’s Photo Card that is also a birth announcement
Sweeter Than Chocolate” by Eric Clegg

Runners-up: Sweet Meeting” by Hooray Creative | “Full Hearts” by Jennifer Postorino
Heart Trickle” by Grace Kreinbrink

For the Classroom Valentine that best uses Minted’s shapes
Popcorn!” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

Runners-up: Hooked on You” by Itsy Belle Studio
A Corny Valentine” by Amy Payne | “My Deer” by Laura Hankins

For the best design featuring multiple photos
So Much Love Collage” by Pistols

Runners-up: “Floral XOXO” by Qing Ji | “Hugs and Kisses Multi” by Pistols
XOXO Collage” by Hooray Creative

For the most unique full bleed Valentine’s photo card design
All the Love” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Runners-up: Lots of Hearts” by Erin Deegan | “Secret Admirer” by Wildfield Paper Co.
Classic Love” by Keen Peachy

For the best Classroom Valentine featuring a child’s photo
Hey Valentine” by Sam Dubeau

Runners-up: fun type.” by Stacy Cooke | “Fluttering Hearts” by Oma N. Ramkhelawan

For the design that puts customizable text on a curvilinear path
All We Need is Love” by Susan Moyal

Runner-up: “Love you Lots Typography” by Alethea and Ruth

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Sophisticated Love” by heythird

Runners-up: You Rule” by Olivia Goree | “American Sign Language Love” by Kailyn Glassmacher
Fruity Valentine” by Claudia Valenzuela

Images created by Leah Conroy