Minted x Domino Round 2 Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners from our Minted x Domino Round 2 Art Challenge! We’re thrilled we got to partner with  the much beloved interior design and lifestyle magazine, Domino. We share a passion for well-edited, innovative art and home decor. We turned to you to create modern, chic art prints that will provide the perfect complement to Domino’s fresh, design-forward style. We were impressed with the quality of work submitted to our first Minted x Domino art challenge, and we were blown away with the second time around! A huge congrats to all the winners!

Domino Editor’s Choice Award
For the piece that most captures the eye of Domino’s editorial team
Time Shapes Our Lands” by Elena KuliKova

Avant-Garde Award
For the best edgy print that pushes boundaries
Exploration” by Christina Flowers

Hit Me With Your Best Shot Award
For the best photographic art print
Soho” by Kaitlin Rebesco

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All in a Row Award
For the best pair or grouping of complementary pieces
Pressed No.1” by Julia Contacessi

Pressed No. 3” by Julia Contacessi

Organically Inspired Award
For a new perspective of everyday organic elements
Poppies I” by Iron Range Artery

You’re a Natural Award
For the most unique interpretation of a traditional landscape painting
Road Trip 2” by Lynne Milar

Picture This Award
For the best illustration
How about Jupiter?” by Maja Cunningham

Warhol-Worthy Award
For the most fun pop-art inspired piece
Endangered Beauty” by Deborah Velasquez

Font-Tastic Award
For the most artistic take on a typographical piece
Rosé S’il Vous Plaît” by Annie Montgomery

Over the Rainbow Award & Curators Choice Award will be announced at a later time.

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