How I Holiday: Easy Christmas Greenery Centerpieces

Today we’re sharing a holiday-themed guest post from Melanie Severin, a Minted artist and graphic designer based in Lloydminster, Alberta.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea: Fresh Greenery

Name: Melanie Severin
Where you’re based: Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada
How long you’ve been with Minted: Since 2011

From Melanie:  One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting together with the women in my family to make table centerpieces with fresh greenery. This DIY is simple enough to get the kids involved and make wonderful teacher gifts.

Read on for the step-by-step instructions...

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea: Fresh Greenery

• Base container (We used painted white wooden boxes from Michael’s, but you can use anything you like)
• Floral foam soaked in water
• Plastic container or liner to hold wet foam
• Plastic candle holders and candles
• Fresh holiday greenery such as cedar, pine, fir, boxwood, etc. (You can purchase bunches from your local florist or greenhouse; if you have fresh greenery in your backyard or neighborhood, clip several branches to use.)
• Fresh flowers and/or berries (optional)
• Accessories/textural elements like twigs, pine cones, ribbon, etc. You can purchase these at your local craft store and/or make your own.
• Tools such as branch trimmers, scissors, and floral tape
• If you are making your own accessories, you may also need wire, wire cutters, hot glue, and wooden picks.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea: Fresh Greenery


1. Soak floral foam in water until saturated.

2. Cut a piece of the foam slightly smaller than the foam holder. Press foam firmly into holder and place assembly into base container. Secure with floral tape if needed.

3. Push candle holder into center of foam.

4. Trim fresh greenery into pieces and begin arranging these by pushing the freshly cut pieces into your floral foam. It helps to strip the needles off of the bottom inch of each piece so that it inserts cleanly into the foam.

5. Continue adding greenery until desired shape is achieved and the foam is no longer visible.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea: Fresh Greenery

6. Decorate your arrangement with fresh florals, berries, and accessories. This is the fun part, so be creative!

7. Finally, place candle in candle holder.

8. Water your centerpiece regularly and it should last for several weeks.

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Idea: Fresh Greenery

Thank you to my mother (Nancy), sister-­in-­law (Dawn), and daughters (Alexa and Cassia) for making such lovely centerpieces this year. 

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  1. Amila

    Christmas season is always cheerful.The table centerpieces with fresh leaves will make everyone happy.This idea is great and it is nice to see all at home are involving in this project.Finally,this is what we need in holiday season…