Quickfire Custom Stickers Challenge: Special Prize Winners

For the announcement you’ve all been awaiting (for a very long time)…announcing the special prize winners from our Quickfire Custom Stickers Challenge! In this challenge, we asked you the talented Minted Community, to design unique, personalizable stickers for a wide range of uses. A huge congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

For the best design for kids’ name labels
Kitty” by Lori Wemple

Runners-up:”Vroom Vroom” by chocomocacino | “Little Doodles” by Jessica Williams
Fancy Dog” by August and Oak

For the most imaginative sticker design that
you wouldn’t find on any other site

Out to Sea” by Shiny Penny Studio

Runners-up:”Kokeshi” by chocomocacino | “Stitched Love” by Laura Bolter Design
Looking Up” by Rebecca Bowen

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For the best design featuring a photo
Princess” by Carolyn MacLaren

Runners-up: Aiden” by Ellis | “Sticky Notes” by Pistols | “Party Confetti” by Gakemi Design Co

For the best design celebrating a baby on the way
Little Fox” by Olivia Raufman

Runners-up: “Rockabye” by Betta | “Nesting Bird Baby Shower” by fatfatin

For the best design for Valentine’s Day
for children to give to friends
XOXO Heart” by Lisa Tamura Guerrero

Runner-up: Valentine Button” by pandercraft

For the best design for a sticker that can be used for a wedding
Elegant Names” by Stacey Meacham

Runners-up: “Date” by Lori Wemple | “Bouquet of Florals” by Chris Griffith
Branch Title” by Alethea and Ruth

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For the best design celebrating a child’s birthday
Birthday Doodles” by Jessie Steury

Runners-up:”Fox with Balloons” by August and Oak | “Birthday Party Animal” by Kelsey Cashman
Piece of Cake” by Lacie Schoch

For the best label for delicious homemade treats
Circle Jam Label” by Megan Kelso

Runners-up: Retro Kitchen” by Anne Holmquist | “Homemade Goods” by Hooray Creative
Vintage Kitchen Mixer” by Katie Zimpel

For the best design that appeals to older boys aged 7 and up
Slam Dunk” by Kelsey Cashman

Runners-up: Camp Out” by Anne Holmquist | “Modern Guitar” by Kate Sorenson
Flyball” by Leah Bisch

For the best simple, modern sticker that 
can be used for a variety of occasions

Doodle Frame” by Hooray Creative

Runners-up: “Botanical Crest” by Jessica Williams | “Connected” by Kim Dietrich Elam
Favorite Colors” by Abby Munn

For the best gift tag design
Jolly Texture Gift Tag” by Shari Margolin

Runner-up: “Peace Love Joy” by Carolyn MacLaren

 For the design that perfectly complements the sticker shape
And They Lived Wedding” by fatfatin

 Runners-up: Admit One” by Olivia Raufman | “Charmed Kitchen” by Sarah Brown

For the best design that fetes the bride-to-be
Golden Bride” by Elizabeth Victoria Designs

Runner-up: “Bedazzled” by Phrosne Ras

For the best Halloween sticker design
Sweetest Halloween” by Susan Asbill

Runners-up: Candy Corn Too” by Erin Deegan | “Frankenstein” by Molly Brekke”
Pumpkin Party” by Susan Asbill

For the design that best expresses thanks
Slated Thanks” by Geekink Design

Runners-up: Floral Fiesta” by Phrosne Ras | “Thank You Banner Message” by Alethea and Ruth
Sweet Garden Thanks” by Hooray Creative

For the best design showcasing a monogram
Heirloom Monogram” by Jennifer Wick

Runners-up: Watercolor Initials” by Makewells | “Modern Monogram” by Chelsey Scott
Framed Monogram” by Shirley Lin Schneider

For the design that puts customizable 
text on a curvilinear path 
Chalkboard Monogram” by Dea and Bean

Runners-up: Snowman Face” by Jill Means | “Stately Greetings” by Pistols
Wedding Seal” by Chris Griffith

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Kumquat” by Ava Thomson

Images created by Leah Conroy

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