Free Printable: Handmade Holiday Gift Tags

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon from  Alice & Lois

We love making handmade gifts for the holidays: baked goods, hot cocoa mix in a jar, hand-stamped dish towels, the list goes on. And if you’re into handmade presents like we are, then you’ll love this free gift tag printable—it’s the perfect way to top those gifts!

Handmade Holiday Gift Tags free printable | alice & lois for minted Handmade Holiday Gift Tags free printable | alice & lois for minted

Printable gift tag #1
• Printable gift tag #2
• Printable gift tag (small)
• Card stock


1. Print the gift tags on card stock and cut out. You can punch a hole to tie onto present.

Handmade Holiday Gift Tags free printable | alice & lois for minted

Photos: Sara Albers

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  1. Wendy

    Something I’ve always wondered — how do you keep the cut ribbon from fraying? I’ve read to burn the edge with a lighter but am nervous to try it. My scissors never seen sharp enough to give me a crisp “cut”! Thanks!

    • Heather Lee

      Oooh, great question. I’m a big proponent of designating a pair of scissors as my “fabric/ribbon only” pair (I’ve even made a “ribbon only” label and affixed it to the scissor handles!). Right now, I love this “Micro Tip” style from Fiskars:

      For fraying, I’ve read that dabbing a bit of clear craft glue to the edges will prevent fraying, but honestly a crisp clean cut is all you need! Happy crafting.

    • Christie

      It depends on the ribbon. If you have a good quality grosgrain ribbon and sharp scissors, nothing further is required. If you have a cotton ribbon that’s fraying on you, then elmer’s glue or clear nail polish painted along the edge with stop it in its tracks. If it’s a polyester ribbon (and most are), you will want that lighter- hold it so that just the tip of the flame (the coolest part) barely touches the outer edge of the ribbon . BUT! Beware of metallic threads, they burn much hotter/faster.

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