“Gift of Art” Challenge: Special Prize Winners

We have found that Minted customers love to give the gift of art! In this challenge we looked to you, our talented Minted artists, to create the most original and unique artwork that would make the perfect gift. Thanks to all of you, the Minted site is now filled with beautiful custom artwork you can’t find anywhere else . Congratulations to all the winners!

Out of the Box Award
For the most creative giftable piece
Botanical Letter Series J” by Grace Kreinbrink

Custom Photo Award: For the most artistic custom
photo piece that displays one photo
Metallic Dash” by Makewells

Series Award
For the most unique idea for a series of art pieces
“Inked Typography – Mount Ranier” by Linda Misiura

Cartography Award
For the most creative take on a map
Golden Cities 3” by Amy Payne

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Skyline Award
For the best take on city skylines
NYC Skyline” by Phrosne Ras

Destination Award: For the best custom photo piece to display
vacation photos from popular destinations
Stamp Collection” by Baumbirdy

Customization Award
For the most cleverly customizable piece
Kid’s Quote” by Jessie Steury

Love of Sports
For the best sports or recreation themed print
Football Snapshot” by Red Impressionz

Photo Collage Award: For the most artistic and beautiful
customizable photo collage for 10+ photos
4 by 4” by Susanne Kasielke

Nursery Series Award: For the most creative series of
prints for a children’s room or nursery
school days” by Sara Malone

Landmark Award
For most unique depiction of a famous landmark
World Landmarks: Rome” by Kelsey McNatt

Special Date Award
For the most creative way to highlight a special date
Family Timeline” by Aubrey Bonneau

Typography Award
For the perfect art gift featuring typography
Love you, love” by Seven Swans

Children’s Keepsake Award
For the most creative custom photo piece for kids
Little Superhero” by Faye Brown

Nursery Keepsake Award
For the most unique custom photo piece for a newborn
Made With Love” by Ester M Nersisyan

  1. Ana Gonzalez

    Wow! Congrats. Amazing work. Such uniqueness