DIY: Thanksgiving Place-Card Snacks

Written by Sharon Garofalow of  Cupcakes & Cutlery

Oh no! Your guests have arrived but the turkey isn’t done yet! Have no fear: These DIY place-card snacks not only point guests to their seats but also give them something to munch on while they wait. Because everyone will appreciate a little pre-game snack before the main course!

DIY Thanksgiving Snack Place CardsSet out these individual snack trays to keep your guests in good spirits
as they wait for dinner to be served.

Click through for instructions on how to make these DIY Thanksgiving Snack Place Cards…

A double duty place card and snack for your holiday guests.

• Clear acrylic divided tray (this one from Target’s dollar section, but similar here)
• Painter’s tape
• Gold spray paint
• Craft flag picks (or other place cards)
• Pen
• Various snacks (I used popcorn, trail mix, and banana chips)

How to make a Thanksgiving place card holder that holds snacks too!


1. Tape off the sides of the tray. Use a credit card to really adhere the tape so that the paint lines stay really clean.

2. Spray paint the bottom of each tray. Be sure to spray in a well-ventilated area!

3. Once dry, fill each tray with snacks.

4. Write guests names on the flag picks.

To make these trays more reusable, consider painting a layer of waterproof Mod Podge over the spray paint!

Make these cute snack trays for each Thanksgiving place setting! It's a simple DIY and fun idea for your guests. There’s nothing worse than being hungry, so display a personal snack tray at each place setting so guests can help themselves. 

DIY place card and snack tray for your holiday entertaining.

Photos: Dez and Tam Photography

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  1. Tori

    What a clever idea! I love things that are pretty and functional. Great DIY!

  2. Chris

    This is SUCH a cute idea! Love the little container and this is a really creative use for it.

  3. Jessica

    This is really cute and practical! Love it!

  4. Carmen

    Oh! I love this so much. Plus it’s simple, which is the best kind of DIY imo.

  5. Melissa

    Such a great idea! Simple and stylish, totally my type of DIY.

  6. seriously one of the cutesy ideas I’ve seen! 😉

  7. AmyBI

    Oh, I need to steal this idea.

  8. LOVE this idea – so clever!