DIY: Simple Thanksgiving Place Setting

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

Now that its November, I’ve got holiday entertaining on my mind. I love hosting dinner parties but always wish I had more time to create a pretty “tablescape” for the meal. What usually ends up happening is that I spend the majority of time cleaning the house and preparing the food instead of decorating. But this year, I’m determined to carve out time to make some simple table decorations. My preference is to incorporate fresh flowers and greenery from my local flower mart and today, I’m sharing a quick and easy way to add a lovely natural element to your Thanksgiving place settings.

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• Seeded eucalyptus
• Thin crafting or floral wire
• Scissors
• Leather or suede cording
• White cloth napkins

DIY Thanksgiving Place Setting | alice & lois for minted


1. Trim a stem of eucalyptus to measure 4 or 5 inches; bundle a few leaves/seeded sprig stems together.

2. Cut a small piece of wire and wrap around the stems tightly.

3. Cut a piece of cording to fit around your folded napkin and tie a loose knot.

4. Insert the stems into the knot and pull tight.

Now you have a sweet and simple natural place setting. You could even hang a place card from the cording to designate seats for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Photos: Sara Albers