Announcing the Winner of our First Outside Art Challenge!

For the very first time, Minted is taking your art to the streets—our street! We hosted our first Outside Art Challenge in October 2015, and we were blown away with the number of fresh and modern submissions we received. Out of 342 submissions, we have one winner, 10 runners-up, and one Special Editors’ Prize.

We’re thrilled to announce that the winner, as voted by California voters, is “Wind in the City” by Yuke Li! “This is an image of wind passing by,” Yuke says. “When the wind blows, the dandelions fly.”


We just finished painting “Wind in the City” on Minted’s headquarters building this week. We are so excited to share it with all of you and our neighbors in San Francisco’s Jackson Square neighborhood, where indeed it can get windy! Check out the video below to see our blank wall turn into a beautiful canvas.

Anthea and I had the opportunity to deliver Yuke the exciting news last week. After navigating a 16-hour time difference, we managed to connect via phone, and it was so wonderful to hear her genuine surprise and delight at the news. She shared how it was a true honor to have her work chosen and for her painting to be put on such public display.

Equally exciting is that as part of winning first prize, we will be flying Yuke all the way from Beijing to see her beautiful piece—and this will be her first visit to the U.S.! We are already busy planning a VIP welcome.

Yuke’s art and signature will be displayed on our Minted’s headquarters for 6 months, she’ll also receive a prize payment of $3,000, a gourmet lunch or dinner with me and a $500 Minted gift certificate. Once she arrives, we hope to introduce her to all our San Francisco based artists.

Like all of our challenges, we had so many incredible entries we couldn’t pick just one! We’re delighted to announce that we have a Special Editors’ Prize from this challenge. Congratulations to Katja Ollendorff! This was a purely editorial pick, the owner of the building, and we collectively fell in love with her piece, “Strange Bird V2.” Katja, will be awarded $1,500 and her print will be painted on the front of the building in 6 months. We’re thrilled to say we have two winners!

We’re also excited to announce our 10 runners-up, whose pieces will be added to the Minted art collection. Congratulations to Surface Love, Anna Marie Farmer, Marabou Design, chocomocacino, Smudge Design, Makewells, Kristen Smith, Paper Dahlia, My Splendid Summer, and Margaret Williams. We’ll be reaching out to each of you soon to see how you want to edit your file into a purchasable art print.

Public art has a long tradition dating back to the earliest cultures. From celebrating achievements and cultures to provoking thought or adding touches of beauty to sometimes unexpected places, it uses visual vocabulary to connect and engage communities. At Minted, we believe strongly in the value of a good public art program. This is just the beginning of our public art program. We’ll share more with you in the coming months, but there’s a chance you’ll see more of these entries up on buildings in other parts of the country.

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