DIY: Confetti Gift Wrap

As someone who can’t fold gift-wrap corners to save her life, I like to come up with ways to avoid them. These gift boxes are a quick two steps and might be as exciting as the actual contents inside. Confetti for the win!

Clear box
• Mod Podge

confetti gift wrap


1. Coat inside of the box with a thin layer of Mod Podge.

2. Take handful of confetti and place it inside the box and give it a shake to stick to all sides. Add extra Mod Podge and confetti as needed. Let dry.

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  1. Claire

    I thought it may have been clear contact adhesive with confetti stuck to it, but straight IN the box is even better. Cute & clever 🙂

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  5. Amila

    This is so pretty ….Sounds very easy to do.Clever idea….

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  9. Cheryl B

    This is super cute. When I saw it I thought it was contact paper, I think I’m gonna give it a try with contact paper and see how that works. If that doesn’t work I’m definitely trying this.