Holiday Photo Card Challenge: 7th & 8th Place Winners

Each year Minted hosts our highly anticipated holiday photo card competition in search of the best and freshest holiday card designs. This year Minted’s community of independent designers produced breathtaking and exceptionally creative designs — we received an incredible 4,661 submissions. The votes have been tallied and the Top 50 winners have been chosen, see them all right here.

What makes Rachel’s hand-lettered greeting so spectacular is the incredible attention to detail. Each letter is unique and the intentional moments of imperfection are what we love most. The horizontal ombre effect feels like a fresh take on the ombre trend (which is hard to accomplish!), and elevates a simple card into a work of art. Bravo!

Stunningly hand-lettered, “A Beautiful and Wonderful Life” looks as though it were freshly penned by the artist herself. The letters have a fanciful flourish and effortless flow that is as uplifting as the phrase itself. We love how the olive green holly complements the red letters and the white berries provide a tiny pop. All in all a card that is as artistic as it is chic – well done!

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