DIY: Fringed Party Horns

Festive and full of fun, these little noisemakers will add instant flair to your next party. Hand them out to guests as they arrive at your celebration or display them at each place setting. Best of all, these party horns are easy to make and can be customized to complement any party theme.

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• Tissue paper
• Fringe scissors
• Double-sided tape
• Plastic party horn mouthpiece
• Scissors
• Metallic foil


1. Cut tissue paper into 6″ x 6″ squares.

2. Fold each square in half.

3. Using fringe scissors, carefully cut the tissue paper to create an even fringe.

4. Select several complementary colors for your party horn.

5. Take one length of fringe and place a piece of double-sided tape at the tissue paper seam.

6. Slowly wrap the fringed paper around the tip of the plastic horn.

7. Repeat steps one through six with additional layers of fringe until you’ve reach a desired fullness. If you have gold foil fringe, use that as your final layer.

8. Toot your own horn and enjoy these crazy-cute noisemakers!

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