DIY: Watercolor Wedding Fans

Written by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  alice & lois

Summer weddings are in full swing and if you’re holding your ceremony or reception outdoors, then it’s thoughtful to think of ways to keep your guests from melting beneath the blazing sun. These sweet handmade fans are easy to make and perfect for cooling off; paint them in your wedding colors and you’ve got a pretty handmade element to add to your wedding décor.

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• Watercolor paper
• Large popsicle sticks
• Glue stick
• Watercolor paint and brush
• Pen


1. Using a 5.5-inch round bowl, trace circles onto thick watercolor paper.

2. Cut out circles.

3. Using watercolors, paint the circles to complement your wedding colors; let them dry completely. (Note: The edges of circles might curl up but you can reshape them once they’re dry by rolling them opposite way.)

4. Apply glue to the back of one circle; place the popsicle on the bottom, at least two inches from the edge. Place a second circle on top, lining the edges, and press firmly.

5. Draw a simple vine pattern (or whatever you like) on one circle; you could also stamp your initials to add a personal touch.

6. Display your finished watercolor fans at the wedding in a decorative box or basket. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful touch!

Photos: Sara Albers

  1. Gorgeous wedding fans, very inspiring!