DIY: Pressed Flower Serving Dish

Pressed flowers are a wonderful way to savor the beauty of summer and this simple DIY project is the perfect way to display your favorite blooms. And if you’re tying the knot this summer, save a few favorite flowers from your bouquet to incorporate into this project.

• Dried/pressed flowers and greenery
• Dishes (select ones with enough depth; I used candle dishes from IKEA’s IDEAL collection)
Clear epoxy
• Craft glue
• Small paintbrush


1. Wipe the dishes clean; next, position your pressed flowers and greenery on the various dishes.

2. Once you’re happy with your composition, using a tiny dab of glue on a small paintbrush, adhere the flowers and greenery to the dish. Allow glue to dry before continuing. I found it helpful to place something flat and heavy like a book on top to weigh the pieces down.

3. Mix the epoxy according to the instructions. Carefully pour the epoxy evenly into the dish, submerging the florals. You may see some little bubbles floating around; get rid of them by lightly blowing on them. Larger bubbles can be popped using a toothpick or a pin.

4. Let the epoxy dry according to the instructions. Once it’s completely dry, enjoy your pressed flower display!


  1. Maybe

    Perhaps this is a dumb question but is it safe to use the dish afterwards? Could I actually serve food on it or it might be toxic or something?

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  3. carrie oneal

    This looks so cool! I can’t wait to give it a try!

  4. Katie

    These are beautiful! I love incorporating nature into design. I’m kind of wondering the same thing as another commenter though – Is it food safe? Maybe there is a food grade epoxy that I could use. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  6. Mary

    Ive tried this several times. The red rose petals tend to turn more of a purple color. The white flowers at times turn yellow. Not sure if this is due to the resin. Any suggestions?

    • jessi

      interesting! come to think of it, i’ve only ever really used greenery and these pepper berries (which i’m obsessed with). From what i’ve read online, it could be because the flowers aren’t 100% dried out and the resin is pulling the rest of the moisture out and the coloring is just part of that?

      anyone else know why this could be?