Moving Announcement Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Moving to a new home is one of the most exciting events in someone’s life, whether it’s a newly married couple settling into their first apartment together, or a growing family moving into a bigger house. Minted customers love fresh, original moving announcements to notify family and friends about their new address. One in six Americans moves every year, and mailing a change-of-address card is a popular tradition. Moving announcements are a large and growing business for Minted, and we were “wowed!” with all of the creative and out-of-the-box designs! Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

For the most out-of-the-box moving announcement 
Have Moved” by Qing Ji

Runners-Up: Where in the world” by Kristen Smith | “We Mooved” by Kissyfish
Scripted” by Bethany Anderson

For the best design incorporating one or more photos
New Nest” by Linda Alam

Runners-Up: love is key” by Leah Bisch | “A sweeter lot” by Pandercraft

For the best moving announcement showcasing a particular location
Gone South” by Lisa Cersovsky

Runners-Up: Back to Cali” by Erica Krystek | “Long Haul” by Ann Gardner
Flying from one airport to the next” by Kissyfish

For the best traditional, elegant moving announcement design
Beautiful Home” by Kimberly FitzSimons

Runners-Up: Sweet new home” by Laura Bolter Design | “Presidential” by Pad and Paper
Floral placard” by SunnyJuly

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For the best clean, uncluttered moving announcement design
City Addition” by Christie Kelly

Runners-Up: Expat life” by Anna Elder | “Suburban Landscape” by Carly Reed
I love my home” by Baumbirdy

For the best moving announcement for a newly married couple
The New Address” by Jana Volfova

Runners-Up: Love, marriage, house” by Johanna McShan | “Our first home” by Drift Design Co.

For the best design that also doubles as a birth announcement
New kid on the block” by Carol Fazio

Runners-Up: From here to there” by Lehan Veenker
Baby Has A New Crib” by Kim Dietrich Elam

For the best funny or quirky moving announcement design
New Casa” by Itsy Belle Studio

Runners-Up: Move it move it” by Johanna McShan | “Vernacular change” by Snow and Ivy
New Guestroom” by Amy Kross

For the best design that uses curvilinear text to create unique shapes or unusual layouts
Address Logo” by Phrosné

Runner-Up: Knock on our door” by Katherine Moynagh

For the best design from a first-time winner
Drop us a line” by Emily Hein



 Images created by Leah Pyron

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