What’s one of your surprising sources of inspiration?

Where does creative inspiration come from? In the eyes of Minted artists, it comes from everywhere. That’s the impetus of our new #WhatInspiresMe series—to spotlight the inspirational who, what, when, where, why, and how of the Minted artist community.

Every other Monday, we invite three Minted artists to answer a different question about the inspiration behind their work. To spark an ongoing dialogue, we invite you to share your own answers with the hashtag #WhatInspiresMe via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To kick off #WhatInspiresMe, we asked Erin Beutel, Oanh Tran, and Angela Simeone to answer this question: What’s one of your surprising sources of inspiration?

Erin Beutel
Mount Vernon, Ohio

The mundane moments of life. When I walk into the kitchen to make dinner and the sun is falling through the lace curtains just so, or the kids and I are heading to the car to run errands and find a fallen leaf covered with perfect water droplets. The more I notice these tiny moments, the easier it gets to find inspiration everywhere. Every day becomes pregnant with possibilities no matter how routine it may seem at first glance.

“After the Rain” | “Summer Bliss” by Erin Beutel

Fly With Me I” by Erin Beutel

Oanh Tran of lulu and isabelle
Zurich, Switzerland

I grew up in Vietnam’s largest city and went to university in Singapore, so I’m naturally interested in buildings and the urban environment. That’s why I chose architecture as my career. Since moving to Switzerland two years ago, I’ve found myself surprisingly drawn to and inspired by nature, especially the Swiss Alps. My husband’s family comes from a small village surrounded by mountains in Ticino, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, and every time we visit, I have the chance to immerse myself in this magnificent landscape. I hope my photos can inspire people the same way the landscape has inspired me.

winter in monochrome” by lulu and isabelle

“Almost Heaven” by lulu and isabelle

Angela Simeone
Nashville, Tennessee

I’m always surprised how my children bring ideas and concepts my way through materials that make it home in their backpacks. I’ve found materials and concepts through their textbooks, school-supply packaging, and art projects. My boys did a Chuck Close–style abstraction of their school portraits using overlay and grids. I also did a Sharpie art series using school folders after labeling all of theirs—I liked the flow of the pen off the surface, which allowed for a looser illustrative style.

The Definition Of Series 2 by Angela Simeone

How about you—what is one of the most surprising places you find inspiration? Share your answer in Comments below or via social media with the hashtag #WhatInspiresMe.

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  1. pandercraft

    Great inspiration, Great work—thanks for sharing your moments of brilliance!

  2. I love that Minted is starting this kind of forum! What a nice way to get to know more mintie artists! Thank you and hope to be on of your artists highlighted someday soon with my 14 wins to date!