Throw a Soft Pretzel Party!

Cupcakes and donuts have had their heyday, so what’s the next all-over-Instagram treat? My vote is for soft pretzels! And to show just how committed to them I am, I’ve designed an entire party around these doughy, chewy snacks.

pretzel balloons
soft pretzel party
soft pretzel party

A soft pretzel party is actually pretty simple to pull off: Just call your local soft pretzel maker and place an order ahead of time (most also offer a discount for bulk orders). Then, once you’re home, arrange them in stacks on various platters and cake stands. Add your favorite dipping sauces, some cold drinks, and balloons and you’ve got yourself a pretzel party!

pretzel balloons soft pretzel party pretzel party pretzel balloons

• Pretzel balloons from North Star Balloons (not currently available for purchase but this pool float would make a good replacement)
Pretzel gift wrap

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