Black-and-White Ice Cream Cone Wrappers (Free Printable!)

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of Alice & Lois

Summertime means lots (and lots!) of ice cream, which is why we designed these modern black-and-white ice cream cone wrappers. They’re such a fun, easy way to dress up a plain ol’ sugar cone. Download and print them out to use at your next summer gathering—set up a toppings bar for the kids stocked with sprinkles, mini candies, granola, sliced fruit, and whipped cream and just start scooping!

Click through for the free ice cream cone wrapper printable… 

• Download: Ice Cream Cone Wrappers #1
Download: Ice Cream Cone Wrappers #2
• Scissors
• Sticky glue dots
• Ice cream cones
• Ice cream
• Your favorite toppings!


1. Print out the ice cream cone wrappers and cut them out.

2. Wrap around an ice cream cone.

3. Attach sides with glue dots.

4. Scoop your ice cream and sprinkle away!

Photos: Sara Albers

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  4. Hannah

    This is a lovely idea for jazzing up a simple ice cream cone.

    It’d be fun to experiment with different colours. Imagine a rainbow cone wrapper? That would definitely stand out at a party.

    I’m hungry now!

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