Baby Shower Invitation Challenge: Special Prize Winners

A beautifully designed baby shower invite is not only functional, but also serves as a baby album keepsake for generations to come. We challenged you, the talented Minted Design Community, to freshen up our collection with the most original baby shower invitations the world has ever seen. We were beyond blown away with the amount of creativity and risks taken in this challenge.
Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

The Trifecta Award based on the strength of submissions to this challenge: Pistols 
We selected one designer to receive guaranteed placement in the Minted catalog,
a homepage banner, and email to help build his or her brand on the site.

Brushed Boy” | “Little Cub” | “Chic Raindrops” | “Barnyard Baby Shower

Collection Award for the designer who is guaranteed at least five total picks across the challenge and other challenges in the baby & kids category in the next year to build a design collection on Minted: Baumbirdy

Oh Baby Dots” | “Owl Girl” | “Over the Moon in Love” | “From the Very Start

For the most out-of-the-box baby shower invitation
Owl Girl” by Baumbirdy

Runners-Up: Hey Baby Baby” by Itsy Belle Studio | “Night Owl” by Susan Asbill
Reef” by Angela Marzuki

For the best design specifically created for one of our die-cut shapes
Elefante”  by Peetie Design

Runners-Up: The Pink Drink” by Anupama | “Little Deer” by Karidy Walker

For the best design for a boy
Baby Names”  by Jennifer Wick

Runners-Up: Team Player” by Loree Mayer | “Ahoy, Boy!” by Erica Krystek
New Buckaroo” by Pedestal Design Studio

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For the best modern design
Cheerful Rain” by Simona Cavallaro

Runners-Up: Perfect Lines” by Jennifer Wick | “Modern Mother-to-Be” by Hooray Creative  “Modern Mamma” by Lauren Chism

For the best design featuring a picture of the Mom to be
Colorful Block Girl” by Jennifer Postorino

Runners-Up: Our Little Miracle” by Four Wet Feet Studio | “Special Arrival” by Bonjour Berry

For the best design incorporating an animal
Gentle Lamb” by Kimberly Morgan

Runners-Up: Little Reader” by Karen Glenn | “Barnyard Baby Shower” by Pistols
Little Elephant” by Lori Wemple

For the classical design that sets the stage for a sophisticated event 
Floral Shower” by Lori Wemple

Runners-Up: Orchard Frame” by Grace Kreinbrink | “Elegant Curves” by Lydesigns
Novel Tradition” by Jennifer Wick

For the best invitation to a couple’s shower 
Home Brew” by Ashley Hegarty

Runners-Up: It Takes a Village” by Alethea and Ruth | “Backyard Baby-Q” by Shirley Lin Schneider

For the best design with elements that truly shine in foil
Golden Filigree” by Phrosné Ras

Runners-Up: Rosebloom” by Laura Hankins | “Chic Raindrops” by Pistols
Let’s Make it Rain” by The Detroit Card Co.

For the best design for an alternative to a traditional baby shower
Sip & Say Howdy” by Lauren Chism

Runners-Up: Blow the Surprise” by Lauren Hankins | “Reveal” by Kelsey Cashman

For the best design representing the new threesome – mom, dad, and baby
Little One” by Jeanna Casper

Runners-Up: Little Cub” by Pistols

For the best design that uses curvilinear text to create unique shapes
Teacup” by Laura Hankins

Runners-Up: Beautiful Cake” by Phrosné Ras | “In the Woods” by Joanne Williams

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Fox Geometric”  by Tara Grangroth

Runners-Up: Ready to Pop” by Vikki Luta | “Watercolor Love” by Molly Wiggins

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    Congrats, everyone!! Beautiful work!! 🙂