Birth Announcement Challenge: Special Prize Winners

One of the highlights for new parents is announcing the birth of their baby. The unveiling of all the precious details is almost as memorable to family and friends as it is to the parents themselves. We asked you, our talented Minted Community, to “wow” us with your creativity. We were beyond wowed with everyone’s gorgeous designs! Congratulations to all the winners and runners-up!

The Trifecta Award based on the strength of submissions to this challenge: Susan Brown
We selected one designer to receive guaranteed placement in the Minted catalog,
a homepage banner and email to help build his or her brand on the site.

Sibs” | “My Name” | “Big Bird

Collection Award for the designer who is guaranteed at least five total picks across the challenge and other challenges in the baby & kids category in the next year to build a design collection on Minted: Olivia Raufman

Baby Bracket” | “Petite Deco” | “Simple Hi” | “Two Lines” | “Simply Classic

Innovation Award for the most out-of-the-box birth announcement
that you would never find on other online sites
Woodland Animals”  by Cynthia Oswald

Runners-Up: Teddy” by Lisa Cersovsky | “membership expiring” by Dawn Jasper
Canvas Snapshot” by Alethea and Ruth | “Bevel” by Laura Hankins

Traditional with a Twist Award for the best classic, elegant design
Longhand”  by toast & laurel

Runners-Up: Engraved” by Katie Wahn | “Fancy” by Oscar & Emma | “Simply Framed” by Ling
Flourished Joy” by Erika Firm

Best Use of a Shape Award for the best design specifically
created for one of our die-cut shapes
Woodland Bunny”  by Pistols

Runners-Up: Floral Bounty” by Itsy Belle Studio | “Twinkle Wreath” by Stylisti
Sugar & Spice” by Jessie Steury

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Big Picture Award for the best full bleed photo design
Simply Classic”  by Olivia Raufman

Runners-Up: Floral Column” by GeekInk Design | “oblique” by Jessica Booth
Please Welcome” by GeekInk Design | “Just the Numbers” by Cheer Up Press

Multi-Photo Award for the best design featuring multiple photos
Adventure Tales”  by pandercraft

Runners-Up: “Painterly Sign” by Stacey Meacham | “Favorite photo subject” by Lea Delaveris
So this is love handwriting” by Erin L. Wilson

Oh Boy Award for the best design for a boy
Pennant”  by Tim St. Clair

Runners-Up: Rookie of the Year” by Laura Bolter Design | “Howdy” by Lauren Chism
Dino Love” by Jennifer Postorino | “Woodland Friends” by August and Oak

Foil Pressed Award for the design with elements that
truly shine in foil-pressed metallics
Checkers”  by Kaydi Bishop

Runners-Up: Baby Blossom” by Petra Kern | “Stardust and moonbeams” by Frooted Design
Welcoming Foliage” by Simona Cavallaro

Curvilinear Award for the best design that puts
customizable text on a curvilinear path
Chic Hello”  by Shirley Lin Schneider

Runners-Up: 5th Avenue” by Stylisti | “Welcome Sign” by Alethea and Ruth
Whimsy Introduction” by Carolyn MacLaren | “Floral Banner Name” by Alethea and Ruth

Minimalist Award for the best simple, modern design:
Modern Glow”  by Simona Cavallaro

Runners-Up: Heartwarming” by Dreaming Inspirations | “Metallic Hello Swirl” by Erika Firm
Simply Baby” by Susan Brown | “Gallery” by Jennifer Postorino

What’s in a Name Award for the design that highlights
the new little one’s name in a special way
Name Sideways”  by Susan Brown

Runners-Up: Bold Welcome” by Oscar & Emma | “Tall Type” by Jessie Steury
Nickname” by Lea Delaveris

Moveable Elements Award for the best design that features clever design elements
that can be moved around and arranged on top of a customer’s photo
Petite Measurements”  by Shari Margolin

The More the Merrier Award for the best design announcing twins or multiples
Two Much Fun”  by Kristie Kern

Runners-Up: Double Love” by Oscar & Emma | “Monikers” by Jessica Williams
Twenty Fingers & Twenty Toes” by Lisa Cersovsky | “Twin Joy” by Erica Krystek

Newbie Award for the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Watercolor Polka Dot”  by Tarah Sutton

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