2014 Holiday Challenge Winners Visit San Francisco

Written by Anthea Tjuanakis Cox, Kaitlyn McCoy and Amy Schroeder

We had the pleasure of hosting the three top winners of Minted’s 2014 holiday design challenge during the week of June 8. In addition to a cash prize, Jennifer Wick, Jessica Williams, and Stacey Meacham won a trip to our hometown of San Francisco as VIP guests. The Minted Artist Relations Team took the three artists to a number of Bay Area destinations and gave them a behind-the-scenes tour of Minted’s San Francisco and Oakland offices.

They all said they enjoyed meeting the people who make Minted run smoothly. “And the fact that [Minted CEO] Mariam [Naficy] doesn’t have an office is pretty cool,” Stacey says. “I’m so inspired after talking with her. She is inviting of questions and has such an enthusiasm for what we do.”

Jennifer said she gained a better appreciation for the time intensity of transforming artists’ designs into customizable products on Minted. “I assumed Minted had automated ways to convert our files into customizable web designs, but they are actually very labor-intensive,” she says. “Learning that helps me to be much more patient when waiting for our designs to go live on the site.”

Here are some of the highlights of their three-day San Francisco adventure, ranging from cocktails in the Mission District to seafood at California’s oldest restaurant.

Minted’s Kaitlyn McCoy welcomed the winners of the Let It Snow! Holiday + New Year’s Photo Card Challenge when they arrived at the airport on June 8, 2015.

We cooled down an unusually hot summer day with sangrias on the rooftop of El Techo de Lolinda in the Mission. From left: Jen Wick of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Stacey Meacham of Atlanta; and Jessica Williams of Nashville.

Photo-booth fun with Mariam, Minted’s CEO and Founder. Top row from left: Minted’s Amy Schroeder, Kaitlyn McCoy, Anthea Tjuanakis Cox and Mariam Naficy. Bottom row from left: Jennifer Wick, Stacey Meacham, Jessica Williams and Minted Vice President Brady Wood.

Anthea Tjuanakis Cox, Minted’s Artist Relations Director, gets creative in the sand at Baker Beach.

On a typical foggy day, we played “try to find the Golden Gate Bridge” at Baker Beach.

Getting cheeky at Madame Tussauds wax museum.

We took a wriggly drive down Lombard, America’s most famous crooked street.

We ended the second day at Tadich Grill, California’s oldest restaurant. Originally a coffee stand founded in 1849 during the San Francisco Gold Rush, now it’s a popular place for seafood and cocktails. “The dinner was a favorite highlight of mine because it was our last time together as a group, and I felt we really connected,” Jennifer Wick says.

For our last stop before heading home, we visited Minted’s Oakland facility for mini doughnuts and coffee with the Minted Customer Service team. These friendly folks help Minted customers customize and perfect their designs. “I was highly impressed with the people in customer service,” Jessica Williams says. “What a phenomenal group.”

Last year’s top-winning designs:

  1. carrie oneal

    LOVE IT!! I can tell you guys had a blast! Very well deserved! What an amazing group of talented ladies.

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    Looks like you ladies had some well deserved fun! Thanks to you and Minted for sharing your amazing experience with us!

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    Such great designers. I admire all of you and how fun that you got to connect. The best.

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    So cute-fabulous ladies and fabulous designs!

  5. Looks like a great time ladies! Congrats again on your holiday wins. 🙂

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    Such creative and beautiful ladies! Looks like a busy/fun trip 🙂 Thank you for sharing the highlights!

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    You ladies are amazingly talented!! Congrats!! Hope you all had an awesome time!! And so great to see a bunch of the Minted Staff, too! You guys are awesome, as well!! 🙂