Quickfire Children’s Birthday Party Challenge: Special Prize Winners

Announcing the special prize winners for our Quickfire Children’s Birthday Party Challenge! One of the most joyous memories of childhood is the delight of a birthday party. We were blown away by the many festive designs that truly set the tone for a magical celebration!
A huge congrats to all the winners!

For the best party invite featuring a full-bleed photo
Modern Birthday by Chryssi Tsoupanarias

Runners Up: “Simple Stars” by Lehan Veenker | “Head Bang” by Carrie O’Neal
“Confetti Pop
” by Jennifer Wick

For the most original, fresh take on a birthday party invite
Pops in the Park by Lori Wemple

Runners Up: “Mountaintop Birthday” by merry mack creative | “All Dolled Up” by Baumbirdy

For the best party invitation for a 1 year old
Dolcetti by chocomocacino

Runners Up: “Our Little One” by Lauren Chism | “This Guy” Baumbirdy |
“She’s One
” by JeAnna Casper

For the best multi-photo party invitation
Photo Fun by Lauren Chism

Runners Up: Photo Collage” by Shirley Lin Schneider | “Sugar Cubes” by pandercraft |
“Party Together
” by Jennifer Postorino

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For the best design for a boy
Roar by Patricia Wallace

Runners Up: Mission to Mars” by Griffinbell Paper Co. | “The Robot” by JeAnna Casper |
“Out of This World
” by Lorent and Leif

For the best party invite featuring fun, bright colors
Musical Instruments by Kelly Nasuta

Runners Up: Painted Balloon” by Jennifer Wick | “Popsicle Party” by Lauren Chism |
“Pirate Booty
” by peetie design

For the best winter-themed party invitation
Winterfest by Grace Kreinbrink

Runner Up: Fun in the Sun” by Ana Sharpe

For the best design created for one of the die-cut shapes Minted offers
Little Train Engineer by Frooted Design

Runners Up: Lemonade Stand” by Carolyn Nicks | “Modern Tea Party” by Kristin Berry |
“Arty Party
” by blackberry graphics

For the best modern, edgy birthday party invite
Unfourgettable by Kimberly FitzSimons

Runners Up: Striking” by Rebecca Bowen | “Cutting Edge” by Simona Cavallaro

For the best design that puts customizable text on a curvilinear path
Big Balloon by Leah Bisch

Runners Up: Sprinkles” by peetie design | “Cowboy” by Kelly Nasuta |
“Jumping Lion
” by August and Oak

For the best design, as voted by other designers
Winter by Lori Wemple

For the best design from a designer winning for the first time
Coolest Penguin by Ela.

Runners Up: Jump Around!” by Christie Kelly | “Brrrthday Princess” by Two Little Pigs Studio | “Submarine Adventure” by Michelle Rimpf

  1. Karly

    Congrats, everyone! So many incredible designs!!!

  2. Oma


  3. Alex

    So good!

  4. Lisa Bright

    An incredible round of applause to these SERIOUSLY cute cards. They are all incredible…just beyond.

  5. Amanda

    Almost every single model is a white blonde child.. but then again I guess that’s who your customers are…