DIY: Make a Set of Play Lollipops Out of Cardboard!

These easy-to-make cardboard lollipops are sure to sweeten up the playroom, top your next birthday cake, and more!

Click through for the step-by-step instructions

• Cardboard
• Wooden barbecue skewers
• Acrylic craft paints
• Paintbrush


1. Start by cutting out a circle from your cardboard (use a protractor or trace around a bowl to create a perfect circle).

2. Insert the pointy side of your wooden skewer into the edge of the cardboard circle (going along with the corrugation).

3. Paint the lollipop a fun and tasty color! Your kids will love this part, it’s loads of fun!

4. Next, have fun painting swirls and designs on your lollipop.

5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for as many colorful lollipops as you wish!

Have fun playing candy shop or turn them into the cutest birthday-party invites! Just put the party details on the back of the sucker, wrap it in cellophane, add a ribbon or twist-tie and present to your guests. And smaller lollipops would make the cutest cake toppers!

But be careful, these might look good enough for your little ones to nibble on! You just might have to trade it out for the real thing, ha!

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