How To: Throw a Killer Party on a Budget

Back when my husband was in law school, I worked part-time as a party planner throwing everything from baby showers to dinner parties. Throwing a festive shindig while staying on budget was a skill I picked up on the job—let’s just say I learned to make a dollar stretch. The key to throwing a great party on a budget? Keep reading for the #1 best party-planning trick I learned…

cheap party decor honeycomb balls

My #1 Party-Planning Tip: Focus on One “Wow” Moment.
Instead of spending lots of money (and energy!) on tons of different decorations and party details, zero in on creating one “wow” moment—something guests will see immediately once they arrive and will continue to make an impression throughout the party.

One of my favorite big-impact ideas is to decorate in multiples: Hang a lot of one item together, like balloons or paper fans and balls. Hang with ribbon, twine, or fishing wire from the ceiling with removable hooks. They look great suspended above a food table or used as a backdrop for a photo booth. The best part? The decorations can be used again and again, since they’re easy to store, come in a ton of fun colors, and are equally cute at a kids party or one for grown ups. Budget-friendly, indeed!

honeycomb party decorations
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What are your favorite party tips?

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