DIY: Kids’ Felt Initial Banners

By Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon of  Alice & Lois

When planning our kids’ birthday parties, we love to combine a party activity that doubles as a favor. This felt banner is just that; plus, it’s easy and not too time-consuming to prep. It’s also economical (sometimes party-favor costs can add up so quickly!). All you need: felt sheets, mini dowel rods, glue, yarn, and scissors. Seriously, that’s it! Set up a table at the party stocked with craft supplies and the kids will have a blast making and decorating their own initial banner. 

Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions

• Felt sheets (from local craft store)
• Glue
• Mini dowel rods
• Yarn
• Scissors


1. Fold the bottom two corners of the felt sheet to meet each other. Press with fingers to create line.

2. Cut along the two lines to create the pointed bottom of banner.

3. In Microsoft Word, type out the first initial of each child attending the party (I used Arial Black at 400 point). Print and cut out each letter; next, trace the letters onto the white felt and cut out each felt letter.

4. Using a glue gun or fabric glue, glue the letter onto the yellow banner.

5. Next, fold the top of the banner to create a sleeve to hold the rod. Apply glue to the top edge of the banner and roll over the rod.

6. Tie the ends of a piece of yarn to each end of the rod.

Tip: I did all of these steps for each child prior to the party. Then, once they arrived, the kids decorated their banners; I had a craft table set up with little bowls containing glue, paint brushes, felt shapes, felt fringe, pom poms, and ribbon.

Photos: Sara Albers

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