DIY: Edible-Gold Polka-Dot Cake

A little gold makes everything better (am I right?!), but add polka dots and you’ve got yourself a grade-A winner. Hence, this DIY edible-gold polka-dot cake—it’s just what your next birthday party or get-together needs! Plus, it won’t take you hardly anytime at all to make on your own.

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• Edible gold dust
• Almond extract
• Small bowl
• Food-dedicated round foam pouncer


1. Use a small bowl to mix a dash of almond extract with a dash of the edible gold dust and swirl together (it should be about the texture of creamy eyeshadow).

2. Dip the foam pouncer into the edible gold “paint” and dab onto hardened buttercream or fondant icing on your cake repeatedly until you finished your pattern.

The hardest part of this project is icing the cake, so if you’ve got that down, you’re golden on the rest (no pun intended)! You could also do cupcakes or cookies for a cute and quick pattern, too.

Photos: Jared Smith

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