DIY: Pop-Up Birthday Card (with free printable!)

I’ve never met anyone who isn’t charmed by a pop-up book, so if you’ve got a friend or family member with a birthday on the horizon, why not make them a fun, interactive card to celebrate? Best of all, this DIY card takes only takes five minutes to make (I promise!).

free birthday card

• Pop-Up Birthday Card printable: Part One and Part Two
• Xacto knife
• Glue stick or paper glue

printable birthday card


1. Print the birthday card (Part One and Part Two) and trim the excess.

2. Take Part One and, using the Xacto knife, cut through the top, right, and bottom sides of each square letter in “Happy” so it opens like a door.

3. Apply glue to the back of Part One and the front of Part Two, making sure both are correctly aligned so “Bday!” is visible through the windows. You could even add your own word behind the windows.

free birthday card
printable birthday card

Design: Kirsten Bingham

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