DIY Wedding: Air-Dry Clay Place-Card Holders

These modern, triangle-shaped place-card holders are a fun DIY wedding project made with easy-to-work-with air-dry clay. Once they’re dry, you can paint the holders to match your wedding-invitation design (bonus: they also double as wedding favors—guests can use the little holders to display photos at home!).

Keep reading for the step-by-step instructions

• White air-dry clay
• Rolling pin
• Square cookie cutter
• Putty knife
• Fine sand paper
• Liquid gold leaf
Small paintbrush


1. Roll out the clay on a flat, clean surface (keep in mind that the clay has a tendency to pick up any dust or dirt underneath it); the rolled-out clay should be about 1/2-inch thick.

2. Cut out a square shape using the cookie cutter (each square will make two place-card holders).

3. Use the putty knife to cut each square in half diagonally (don’t worry about making perfectly clean edges—the clay is very forgiving and you’ll sand the rough edges later).

4. Use the putty knife to cut a slit through the top corner (no more than a 1/4-inch deep).

5. Lay the triangles flat to dry for the amount of time indicated in the clay instructions (generally 24 hours). Once they’re fully dry, use the sand paper to smooth out any rough edges and finger indentations (Warning: This part will be a little messy!). You can use a clean, soft brush to brush away any dust from the triangle’s surface.

6. Use the gold leaf paint to create your design; we painted a smattering of dots and dashes to match this abstract, foil-pressed wedding invitation (“Modern Dash” by Makewells for Minted). The best part about this step is that each one turns out to be a little different and entirely unique. Have fun with the variations—your guests will appreciate knowing that each place-card holder was individually made.

Insert the place cards into the holders and display them at each guest’s seat
at the reception. The little clay holders also work well as escort-card displays, too!

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  1. Jules

    Ohh, i really love this cute diy! It’s simple but stunning 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!